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Epson EX-800 Ribbon Cartridge (OEM) 3,000,000 Characters
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Epson EX-800 Ribbon Cartridge (OEM) 3,000,000 Characters
(extra 3-5 days)

Price:  $10.89
Product Description
Ribbon Cartridge for Epson EX-800 Impact Printer (OEM), Manufactured by Epson

This printer ribbon cartridge will yield 3000000 characters.

What is Printer Ribbon? Printer ribbon has a wax-like texture that can be melted down and fused with paper in thermal imaging printers. In Dot-Matrix & impact printers, pressure is applied to specific areas of the ribbon in order to create the printed page. Printer Ribbon is often used in dot-matrix, thermal imaging & impact printers, as well as fax machines.

Product Manuals
Replacing a Print Ribbon in the Epson EX-800
The Epson EX-800’s print quality will eventually diminish as its current ink ribbon cartridge runs low on ink. Once the device begins to print so dimly that the print material is not longer satisfactory to the user, the ribbon must be replaced. Luckily, this Epson was designed with a continuous loop ribbon that is particularly easy to replace when compared to other dot matrix printers.

To remove the old ribbon, simply open the printer and pull it out of the machine. There are two plastic tabs on the sides of the ribbon cartridge that can be held on to for removal. You may also wish to replace the ribbon when switching colors, as a small variety of color ribbons are available for this product. The procedure for color ribbons is the same.

Remove the dust cover from the machine and be sure that it is turned off. It may be best to unplug the machine to be completely sure as the printer can be damaged permanently if it is on during a ribbon replacement.

Find the number 25 mark on the ruler on the paper bail and manually move the print head by hand to that position. Unpack the new ribbon cartridge from its packaging and tighten the ribbon before installing it. Do this by turning the tightening knob in the direction indicated by the arrow (counter clockwise).

Be sure that the bail is against the plated and take the cartridge in hand. Squeeze lightly on the two plastic tabs on either side of the ribbon cartridge, then lower it down into the print head carriage. A tab on the cartridge should align with a tab on the carriage and the ribbon itself should pass between the ribbon guide and the actual print head.

Release the tabs when the cartridge is in position and it will lock itself into place if done correctly. Turn the ribbon tightening knob to see if the ribbon moves freely (this is a continuous ribbon so this does not waste any of it). Carefully restore power to the machine and resume operation.
Basic Troubleshooting with the Epson EX-800
When the printer refuses to print, there are a few things to investigate on your own before calling technical support. Be sure, of course, that the printer is turned on, but also that it is online. Check this by making sure that both the POWER and ON LINE lights are lit.

Be sure that the printer is connected to the computer and that the correct cable is being used for this. This printer also must only be connected to ONE INTERFACE at a time for it to operate.

Some programs give you the option to choose between screen output and printer output. If this is the case (it usually isn’t), be sure that PRINTER OUTPUT is selected.

If the printer will print, but the print quality is unacceptable due to unevenness, faintness, or blank patches, the problem is probably with the ink ribbon. Open the printer and check that the ribbon is sitting in position correctly and that the ribbon moves freely. Very old ribbons that are not completely out of ink may still need replacing due to print errors.

Epson EX-800 Review


This is an antic fashioned printer which performs quality print outs. It can be used in the offices, but is most suitable to be used at home, or in environments where the workload is not as demanding and fast paced.


The Epson EX-800 accounts for economical use of sheets of paper. You can load up to 50 sheets of paper into your printer without the need to reload. This printer also comes with a good and able trainer’s guide which contains information on unpacking, setting up, testing as well as connecting the printer. There are also instructions that will aid you in the day to day unsafe of the printer, as well as troubleshooting information. There is also information on warnings, as well as tips that will be of help when using the Epson EX-800 printer.
The Epson EX-800 printer makes the quality of the print outs stand above the rest in its category. It also has a high level of performance which can ensure maximum productivity in the when it comes to the number of outputs. This printer is an assurance of fast printing speeds through the automatic paper loading feature. This feature enabled the printer to load single sheets as well as continuous paper automatically. Also, unlike most printers, the Epson EX-800 can print out scalable fonts in various sizes. This can work well in a graphic design setting where the limits are almost borderless; it offers compatibility. In terms of commands, this printer supports the Epson ESC/P commands.
This printer can print single paper sheets from sizes of about 5 inches to about 9 inches wide. This is a good enough provision in comparison with the rates in the market. It also provides for the continuous feeding of paper from the rear, from as well as the bottom. This printer also comes with a tractor which is installed in the push tractor position. This enables smooth loading of the paper into the printer from either the rear, front or bottom part of the printer.
The Epson EX-800 also has good printing speeds and high quality as well. It contains the bidirectional logic seeking for text and graphics which makes the print out clean and clear. The maximum printable size is 14 inches which is a good industry standard. This printer is also light in weight and easily portable, and is assured of a long life and reliable duration.
This printer also has two cut sheet feeders which allow you to load two different types of paper automatically. This is economical in terms of space and time.


This printer can be a bit sensitive in terms of placement. First of all, it weighs about sixteen kilograms therefore your stand should be able to contain this weight. Moreover, when placing the printer on a surface, it is best for the surface to be horizontal. If it is diagonal, the most it can tilt is to a fifteen degree angle. This will make the printer more efficient in its duty.

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