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Epson PictureMate Show PM-300 PictureMate Print Pack (OEM)

Price:  $58.89
Product Description
Epson PictureMate Show PM-300 PictureMate Print Pack (OEM)

This PictureMate Print Pack includes 150 sheets of photo paper + 1 ink cartridge.

How do Inkjet Cartridges work? Inkjet printers heat up the ink from your cartridge, and then "jet" fine dots of liquid ink onto your paper.

Product Manuals
Installing a Print Pack in an Epson PictureMate Show PM-300 InkJet Printer
It is easy to check the current status of your photo cartridge by using the Epson PictureMate Show PM-300’s menu system. Simply press the MENU button and highlight MAINTENANCE, then press OK. Highlight the CHECK CARTRIDGE STATUS option and press OK again. There will be an easy to understand visual of the remaining ink level shown on screen. You may see a low ink level warning at which point it is wise to purchase a new print pack. When the device is completely out of ink, a message will be displayed on the home screen.

NOTE: Photo cartridges CAN be replaced mid-print if one happens to run out while a project is in operation, but the device must not be unplugged while reloading it.

Cartridges for the Epson PictureMate Show PM-300 do have expiration dates, and once in use the cartridges should be used within six months. The device cannot be mid-print while installing a new cartridge and the new cartridge should be handy when swapping cartridges as a new one must be installed right away once the old one is removed.

A small cartridge door can be found on the back of the Epson PictureMate Show PM-300. Once opened, the photo cartridge will be visible. Slide the cartridge lever inside to the left to the RELEASE position, this will allow the cartridge to be removed from the machine.

Remove the cartridge and dispose of it by recycling. Open the package for the new cartridge and be careful not to touch the green chip seen on the side of it as this could cause malfunctions. Next simply slide the new cartridge into the slot until it clicks into place.

Slide the lever back to its original LOCK position, then close the cartridge door behind it. If inserted correctly, the Epson PictureMate Show PM-300 will resume functionality.
Preparing Your Epson PictureMate Show PM-300 InkJet Printer For Travel
The Epson PictureMate Show PM-300 is equipped with a convenient handle that is designed specifically to make it easy to carry the compact device around for travel. For long distance travel, the device should be packed carefully in a box, but for short trips carrying it by the handle will suffice.

Begin by turning the device off by pressing its power button. When the power light goes out, unplug the power cable from the rear of the unit. Before travel, remove ALL PAPER and printed photos from the unit. Unplug the power cable from the wall, and unplug any USB or accessory cables currently hooked to the unit to be carried separately. Do not leave the cables connected while traveling as this could damage connections.

Close the paper holder and remove the output tray which will also need to be handled separately. Lower the screen all the way. The remote control can be stored on the device itself in the convenient storage holder. It is best to transport the device in a carrying case to avoid scratches on the screen. Do not tilt the device onto its side during travel.

NOTE: The Epson PictureMate Show PM-300 is designed to travel with the ink cartridge installed. Do not remove it.
Epson PictureMate Show PM-300 - PictureMate Print Pack - Compatible
Need Cheaper than 58.89 ?
We also offer a cheaper compatible version of this ink cartridge, NOT manufactured by Epson .
30 Days Warranty.
Price: $16.89

About My Epson PictureMate PM300 Inkjet Printer - Photo Print - Mobile

Pages Per Minute
Cost of Consumables
Printer Resolution
Based Off 459 Similar Printers

Epson PictureMate Show PM-300 Review


With an LCD preview screen large enough to double as a photo frame for displaying slideshows, the Epson PictureMate Show PM-300 eliminates the problem inherent in unsightly, awkwardly sized photo printers altogether by making it aesthetically practical as well ass effective.


The Epson PictureMate Show PM-300 is equipped with 270 MBs of internal memory. This makes storing pictures for a slideshow display possible without tying up a USB device or other storage unit. The LCD itself is an extra large 7 inches with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. This makes the display screen alone larger than many photo frames available on the market.

Additional slideshow formats allow users to customize their display with features such as simple animations and effects or a clock and calendar. When it comes to actually printing from the unit, the device is capable of producing about 1.4 pages per minute which is roughly the standard speed found in small inkjets such as this.

A small infrared remote is included with the package which can be used not only for selecting frame options but for browsing through print menus as well. The advertised range on the remote is a solid 16 feet and, if lost, a replacement can be purchased directly from Epson.

The device’s input tray is only large enough to hold 20 sheets of photo paper, but this should actually be plenty of space considering the speed of the device. Various memory formats accepted include CompactFlash, Memory Stick, SD Card, and XD-Picture Card media. Pictbridge also runs on the printer, allowing cameras to connected directly to the unit without removal of a memory stick.

The size of the Epson PictureMate Show PM-300 itself is very manageable, and not any larger than other printers that are not equipped with the photo frame. It’s footprint of 9 inches x 7.5 inches is reasonable, while its height of only 6.3 inches and weight of 5.7 lbs are even more impressive. It max print resolution of 5760 x 1440 dots per inch is very impressive indeed.


Though the added functionality of the large photo frame makes the Epson PictureMate Show PM-300 a relatively better buy than the usual photo printer, it still is rather costly, more so than similarly performing printers that do not offer the luxury of the XL screen. With this in mind, buyers should most definitely ask themselves if the screen itself is worth paying the extra price for the printer, as they could probably just as easily buy a photo printer and frame separately.

The Epson PictureMate Show PM-300 is limited to 4 x 6 inch prints which is a bit of a disappointment because other brands sell printers such as the HP Photosmart A646 that can print up to 5 x 7 inch pictures. If larger format printing is a must, then buyers will have to look elsewhere. The connectivity of the Epson PictureMate Show PM-300 includes wired USB and direct print USB options, but the unit is unfortunately not equipped with any sort of wireless option or an Ethernet port for wired networking. 

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