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Kyocera KM-C3225/KM-C3225E OEM Toner Cartridge Set - QuikShip Toner
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7 Products for the Kyocera Mita KM-C3225E Laser Printer
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Kyocera KM-C3225/KM-C3225E OEM Toner Cartridge Set
Kyocera Mita OVER 50

Price:  $258.92
Product Description
Kyocera KM-C3225/KM-C3225E OEM Toner Cartridge Set

This set includes all four individual color cartridges: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black Toner Cartridges.

Black - 15000 Page Yield
Cyan - 7000 Page Yield
Magenta - 7000 Page Yield
Yellow - 7000 Page Yield

What is OEM? OEM Toner Cartridges are assembled by Kyocera Mita for your Laser Printer. Also known as "genuine" toner, these cartridges are meant to act as a premium alternative to compatible or re-manufactured laser toner cartridges.

Product Manuals
Replacing the Color Toner Cartridges in a Kyocera KM-C3225 Copier
The KYOCERA KM-C3225 uses a single toner cartridge to print. If you see a Replace Toner message you need to change the toner cartridge as soon as possible. Additionally you must reset the printer’s electronic toner gauge so that the printer can tell you the toner level of the new cartridge.

To replace the toner cartridge you must first flip the cover of your KM-C3225 copier. Also flip down the front cover. The second step is to get a hold of the process unit that holds the toner cartridge and remove it carefully from the machine. Make sure that the machine is level.

The next step to replacing the toner cartridge is to flip the lever lock open using your fingertip. Carefully remove the cartridge and dispose it. Then you want to remove the new toner cartridge from the box. It is important to shake it five times before inserting it into the machine. Make sure to pull the orange seal from the cartridge before placing it in the printer.

When inserting the cartridge make sure to press down on the “Push Here” marks until it has clicked in properly. Then flip the lock lever back into place.

Then slide the charge cleaner knob back and forth two to three times. Finally, wipe the metal registration roller inside the machine, without touching the black transfer roller. Doing this will help to remove toner and dirt ensure that the machine is clean and ready to print. Make sure to put the process unit correctly back into the machine and flip up the front cover.
Printer Error Messages From the Kyocera KM-C3225 Copier
A common printing error that KYOCERA KM-C3225 users experience is Illegal Account Press Go. This error will occur if the account code was not set for the transmitted job or the specified account code has not been registered. To alleviate the error press Go. Determine whether an account code has been specified then trying printing again.

Sometimes users will get an error that says Exceeded MaxCopy Press Go. This error means that the number of copies for your account has been exceeded. This error can be cleared by simply pressing [Go].


Kyocera KM-C3225/KM-C3225E Black OEM Toner Cartridge - 15,000 Pages
Kyocera Mita OVER 50

Price:  $49.89


Kyocera KM-C3225/KM-C3225E Cyan OEM Toner Cartridge - 7,000 Pages
Kyocera Mita OVER 50

Price:  $75.89


Kyocera KM-C3225/KM-C3225E Magenta OEM Toner Cartridge - 7,000 Pages
Kyocera Mita OVER 50

Price:  $75.89


Kyocera KM-C3225/KM-C3225E Yellow OEM Toner Cartridge - 7,000 Pages
Kyocera Mita OVER 50

Price:  $70.89
Kyocera KM-C3225E Staple Cartridges - 3,000 Staples Ea.

Price:  $34.89
Kyocera KM-C3225E Staple Cartridges (OEM) 3,000 Pages Ea.
Kyocera Mita 10 IN STOCK NOW

Price:  $98.89

Kyocera KM-C3225 Printer Review


This is the perfect printer if you are looking for something for an entire department. The best part is that it can easily be used by multiple users on a single network allowing each user to print, scan, copy, and fax at one single location. It will increase productivity around your office.


This printer offers outstanding performance while copying on multifunctional systems. With this Kyocera model you can do much more than copy and print, you can also add finishing solutions to your print job. On top of that, Kyocera printers are reasonably priced and are perfect for the price conscious customer. The KM-C3225 really offers it all. One of the top features of this printer is batch scanning which increases productivity around the office. Instead of scanning each item one at a time, the KM-C3225 allows you to scan an entire batch at once. Best of all, this printer offers copying speeds of up to 32 pages a minute for black and white copies and 25 pages a minute when it comes to color copies. Its resolution is 600 X 600 which is outstanding for a printer that it so affordable. It also offers a number of other outstanding features. It can print up to 999 copies at once and is really quiet. The maximum noise level for this machine is 65.6 dB. It packs a 256MB memory and has a processing speed of 600 mHz. Its low power consumption makes it ideal for companies trying to lower their electric bill. Finally, its printer cartridge is easy to change which saves a lot of time and hassle. The cartridge can be changed without professional technical experience which really reduces maintenance cost and is one major advantage that the KM-3225 has over its competition.


The Kyocera KM-C3225 doesn’t fair well when comparing it to competitors since it is difficult to use. It also isn’t very reliability. Keep these issues in mind when purchasing this model. Many users have found it to be inefficient, but it may work perfect for your purpose. The best bet is to compare it with Canon and Brother printers before making your final decision.

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