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Lanier 5627 Toner Cartridge - 11,000 Pages - QuikShip Toner
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12 Products for the Lanier 5627 MultiFunctional Device
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Lanier 5627 Toner Cartridge - 11,000 Pages
  OVER 100

Price:  $11.89
Product Description
Lanier 5627 Toner Cartridge - 11,000 Pages

This Toner Cartridge prints 11000 pages with an average 5% page coverage. The amount of pages can vary depending upon the amount of ink printed onto each page. (5% page coverage is a standard Lanier specification)

This product comes with a 6 month Warranty against any defects (including free replacement). We stand behind our products 100%, as these are not manufactured by Lanier.

Why toner? Why not call it ink? Regular ink dries quickly, which is why cartridges for inkjet printers do not last long. Laser Printers use toner, which is ink in the form of powder. A sealed toner cartridge can be stored for 2+ years prior to usage.

Product Manuals
When do I Replace a Toner Cartridge in the Lanier 5627 Multifunctional Device?
The Lanier 5627 Multifunctional Device features a built-in system, which is constantly monitoring the installed toner cartridge. Once the toner level becomes too low, you will see the ‘’Add Toner’’ symbol appearing in the control display. Please note, the ‘’Add Toner’’ symbol illustrates six black dots in pyramidal order with an arrow pointing towards the dots. You will be still able to print approximately 50 more copies/prints, after the initial appearance of the above warning symbol. However, the print quality will be drastically decreased, and eventually the toner will be completely consumed, which will lead to the disabling of all printing/copying operations. Herein, you should always keep a spare toner cartridge for your Lanier 5627 Multifunctional Device.
How to Install a Toner Cartridge in the Lanier 5627 Multifunctional Device
The toner cartridge replacement in your Lanier 5627 Multifunctional Device is a very easy procedure, which requires less than 10 minutes for complete execution. In the initial step of the replacement procedure, you must open the front cover, and then locate the exhausted toner cartridge. After that, you must lift, push in, and then pull towards you the green lever of the toner cartridge holder, until the holder is out of the printer`s slot. Then, you must gently push the exhausted toner cartridge towards the slot, in order to raise its front side. Now, you will be able to completely remove the exhausted toner cartridge from the printer by pulling it towards you at an angle of 45 degrees. Once the old/exhausted toner cartridge is out of the printer, you must unpack, and then shake the new cartridge 5-6 times horizontally. In the next step of the replacement procedure, you must remove the black sealing cap and insert the new toner cartridge into the toner cartridge holder. After that, you must push the toner cartridge holder in, until it clicks, and then push down its green lever. Finally, you can close the front cover of your Lanier 5627 Multifunctional Device and continue with your next printing/copying project.
Lanier 5627 Black Photoconductor Kit (OEM) 60,000 Pages
Lanier OVER 50

Price:  $192.89
Lanier 5627 Fuser Assembly Unit (OEM) 120,000 Pages

Price:  $614.89
Lanier 5627 Maintenance Kit (OEM) 120,000 Pages

Price:  $234.89
Lanier 5627 Fuser Cleaning Roller

Price:  $10.89
Lanier 5627 Lower Fuser Roller Bearing (OEM)

Price:  $15.89
Lanier 5627 Lower Fuser Pressure Roller (OEM)

Price:  $44.89
Lanier 5627 Upper Fuser Roller Gear (OEM) 48 Teeth

Price:  $9.89
Lanier 5627 Upper Fuser Roller Bearing

Price:  $18.89
Lanier 5627 Fuser Lower Frame Assembly

Price:  $55.89
Lanier 5627 Rear Fuser Thermistor (OEM)

Price:  $11.89
Lanier 5627 Staple Cartridge (OEM Type L) 5,000 Staples
Lanier 10 IN STOCK NOW

Price:  $43.89

Lanier 5627 Review


With optional printer and fax modules, as well as a variety of other hardware add ons, the 2001 model Lanier 5613 is not quite as bare bones of a device as it appears at first glance. This stand alone copy machine offers only slightly below average copy speeds and reasonably priced toner, making it a viable option for someone who either doesn’t mind customizing their desktop multifunctional unit themselves or requires only a single function unit.


With its copy speed topping out at 27 pages per minute, the Lanier 5613 is not exactly at the top of the line when it comes to performance, yet it falls only marginally behind the current standard that lies somewhere between 30 and 40 pages per minute.

The device’s first copy out time is also just a little slower than one would like to see in a stand alone machine and clocks in at a best time of 4.9 seconds. Unfortunately, the unit’s warm up time reflects its more-than-a-decade old hardware and is unspeakably slow. This means that the device must remain on at all times to be practical but, when powered up, single page copies can be executed quite rapidly.

The standard paper supply included in the base hardware is actually quite impressive; consisting of not one but two 500 sheet capacity trays. If even more paper storage capabilities are required, Lanier leaves a couple options open including an additional dual 500 sheet trays. A large capacity tray can also be added to the device to bump up its total paper storage capacity by 2,000 sheets, and a 100 sheet bypass tray can boost it that much more.

Other additional hardware options include a reversing automatic document feeder and a shift sort tray with a 250 sheet capacity. When utilizing a reversing automatic paper feeder, the machine can scan both sides of input material automatically as opposed to just the one.

To complement the Lanier 5613’s potential RADF capabilities, users also have the option of adding a duplexer that will make double sided printing possible and double sided copying fully automated. The fax modem, along with the print module, is also available as a separate add on.


The Lanier 5613 is understandably larger than legal sized desktop copy machines as this unit is a large format copier, but it remains much larger than its more current counterparts with its 21.7 x 23.8 x 28 inch dimensions. Being released in the year 2001, the machine’s hardware is just plain bulkier than that of multifunctional units being released today while offering much, much less versatility overall.

It is truly a disappointment that the Lanier 5613 does not come with a bypass tray as a standard feature. This makes it one of the few laser printers or copiers that includes no standard special media compatibility and the fact that it was once a high end machine makes things even worse. Anyone wishing to print or copy to envelopes, transparencies, or greeting cards will be forced to make the extra purchase.

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