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Samsung ER4915 POS Black Ribbon 6Pack - QuikShip Toner
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3 Products for the Samsung ER-4915 POS Printer
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Samsung ER4915 POS Black Ribbon 6Pack

Price:  $14.89
Product Description
6Pack of Black POS Ribbon Cartridges for Samsung ER4915 Point of Sale Receipt Printer

This product comes with a 6 month Warranty against any defects (including free replacement). We stand behind our products 100%, as these are not manufactured by Samsung.

Product Manuals
How to Replace an Ink Ribbon Cassette in the Samsung ER-4915
You will be able to tell when it is time to change the Samsung ER4915’s ink ribbon cartridge by examining its print output. If it seems fainter than usual, it is almost out of ink and must be replaced with a new cassette. Begin the replacement process by removing the print cover.

You can choose to use either black or purple ink cartridges with the Samsung ER4915. ER-18 or equivalent cartridges must be used in this device. Do not attempt to refill or reuse ink ribbon cartridges as they are very delicate (not to mention very inexpensive). Old cartridges must be taken out of the machine and recycled before the new one can be installed.

To remove an old cartridge, handle it by the serrated area on its left or by the small tab on its right and press down on the cartridge to unlatch it from the machine. Pull it towards you and then lift it out of the machine.

New ink cartridges must be taken out of their packaging after the old cartridge has been removed. Tighten the knob on the new cartridge to remove any slack from the actual ink ribbon itself, being sure that it is pulled taught before installing it.

Slide the cartridge into the same position that the old one is, being careful not to twist or harm the ribbon in any way. It should snap firmly into place. Turn the tightening knob in the direction of the arrow a second time to make sure that the ribbon moves freely next to the print head. If it does, you can replace the printer cover and resume printing.
How to Install a Receipt Paper Roll in the Samsung ER-4915
The receipt paper required to print from the Samsung ER4915 is a consumable product that will need changing periodically. A red streak will appear on receipts printed when the roll is nearing the end of its life if this is the type of paper you are using. Some rolls of paper do not have an incorporated warning system.

Either way, when it comes time to change an ink ribbon, you must begin by accessing the paper compartment by removing the printer cover. Pull out the old ink ribbon and any leftover paper to discard it. Ready a new roll of paper by tearing its end open and pulling out about a foot of paper.

Fold the end of the paper over itself so you have six inches of double layered paper. Install the roll so that the paper is being fed from the bottom of the roll towards the print head and ink cartridge.

Run the folded over edge of the paper through the paper slot and press the RECIEPT FEED button as necessary to gain more paper. You will also have to run the paper through the exit slot in the printer cover when you reinstall it.

Make sure that the cover is snapped down tight and press the FEED button again to make sure that the paper is feeding easily and unassisted. If this is the case, tear off and discard the excess paper.
Samsung ER4915 POS Purple Ribbon 6Pack

Price:  $21.89
Samsung ER-4915 Purple POS Ribbon Cartridge - 3,000,000 Characters

Price:  $21.89

Samsung ER4915 Review


The Samsung ER4915 is an electronic cash register that has come to be of so much benefit to many businesses all over the world. Using an electronic cash register and just not any brand but the Samsung ER4915 can make your business enter a new realm of wonderful profit margins. You might trust everyone in your work place however; when it comes to money, it is best to have the eyes of an eagle. Running a business especially when you run a retail shop where the buying and selling of goods and services are always on high, it is best to consider getting yourself a Samsung ER4915 cash register to help you through the process of running your business and to also make sure you get the right profits from your business. The Samsung ER4915 is used for several purposes in a business which includes system balancing, department programming, tax programming, and many more and all these go a long way to make sure you are safe. Buying a Samsung ER4915 is like getting the right insurance for your business.


The Samsung ER4915 comes with 7 keylock positions with 5 keys. Each ECR is shipped with two full sets of keys. The 7 keylock positions include VOID, OFF, REG, X, Z, and P.
Samsung ER4915 keys Include ‘REG’ - travel from ‘OFF’ to ‘REG’, VOID’ - travel from ‘X’ to ‘VOID’, ‘Z’ - travel from ‘Z’ to ‘VOID’, ‘P’ - travel from ‘P’ to ‘VOID’, and ‘C’ - travel to all key positions. However; keys are removable from the ‘OFF’ and ‘REG’ positions.
Other features that come with the Samsung ER4915 include Key lock, Keyboard, S-Mode Set-Up, Tax Programming, Department Programming, PLU Programming, % Key Programming, CASH TEND Key Programming, CHECK Key Programming, CHARGE Key Programming, Food Stamp Amount Tendered Programming, Currency Conversion Programming, and many more.
The Samsung ER4915’s 90 position keyboard is comes with standard fifteen departments. This means, every company no matter how large or small you are can make very good use of the Samsung ER4915.
The Service mode (S-Mode) position is at “6 o’clock” on the keylock. It is not labeled, and can be accessed only by the “C” key.
The Samsung ER4915 Department Programming Key Sequence goes like this; enter the three digit address for department status programming (100) and depress the SUBTOTAL key. Then, enter the desired five digit status and depress each department key (1 - 40) to be assigned that status. Depress the CASH TEND key to complete status programming. If the status is to be assigned to one department only, simply depress that department key, followed by the CASH TEND key to complete status programming.


An Initial Clear will not affect register programming or clear previously stored totals from memory. However, an Initial Clear will cause balancing discrepancies if performed in the middle of a transaction.
Using the Samsung ER4915 can be quite difficult especially if you do not have some technical knowledge about cash registers.

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