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Savin 2070dp Toner Cartridge - 43,000 Pages - QuikShip Toner
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9 Products for the Savin 2070dp Black & White MultiFunction Printer
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Savin 2070dp Toner Cartridge - 43,000 Pages
  OVER 50

Price:  $31.89
Product Description
Savin 2070dp Toner Cartridge - 43,000 Pages

This toner cartridge prints 43000 pages with average 5% coverage (Nearly all Printer manufacturers base their ink/toner cartridge yields on 5% page coverage).

This product comes with a 6 month Warranty against any defects (including free replacement). We stand behind our products 100%, as these are not manufactured by Savin.

Why toner? Why not call it ink? Regular ink dries quickly, which is why cartridges for inkjet printers do not last long. Laser Printers use toner, which is ink in the form of powder. A sealed toner cartridge can be stored for 2+ years prior to usage.

Product Manuals
When do I Replace a Toner Cartridge in the Savin 2070DP Black & White Multifunction Printer?
Your Savin 2070DP Black & White Multifunction Printer is equipped with a built-in system, which is constantly monitoring the toner cartridge status. Once the above system detects a low toner level, you will see the following message ‘’Add toner’’ reappearing in the control display. Additionally, the ‘’Add Toner’’ indicator, which illustrates six black dots in a pyramidal order with an arrow pointing towards the dots, will be on (blinking). You must replace the exhausted toner cartridge, when the above warning message appears. Otherwise, the remaining toner will be completely consumed after approximately 1000 new prints/copies, which will lead to the disabling of all printing operations. The printing quality will be also affected by the low toner level. Herein, you should always keep a spare toner cartridge for your Savin 2070DP Black & White Multifunction Printer.
How to Install a Toner Cartridge in the Savin 2070DP Black & White Multifunction Printer
Initially, you must open the front cover of your Savin 2070DP Black & White Multifunction Printer and locate the exhausted toner cartridge. Then, you must pull the lever under the exhausted toner cartridge towards you, until the toner cartridge is at angle of 90 degrees from the printer. Now, you must remove the exhausted toner cartridge by pulling it towards you, while lifting its green lock release lever. Once the old/exhausted toner cartridge is out of the printer, you must prepare the new one by unpacking and shaking it 7-8 times horizontally. After that, you must remove the toner cartridge`s sealing cap and insert the new toner cartridge into the toner cartridge holder. Then, you must push the toner cartridge in, until the green lever clicks, and return the lever under the toner cartridge to its original position afterwards. Finally, you can close the front cover and test your Savin 2070DP Black & White Multifunction Printer.
Savin 2070dp Toner Cartridge (OEM) 43,000 Pages

Price:  $83.89
Savin 2070dp Drum - 360,000 Pages

Price:  $100.89
Savin 2070dp Fuser Assembly Unit (OEM)

Price:  $1,881.89
Savin 2070dp Fuser Oil Supply Cleaning Roller (OEM)

Price:  $40.89
Savin 2070dp Developer (OEM) 300,000 Pages

Price:  $77.89
Savin 2070dp ADF Separation Rolller

Price:  $9.89
Savin 2070dp Staple Cartridges 5Pack (OEM) 5K Staples Ea.

Price:  $114.89
Savin 2070dp Document Feed Belt (OEM)

Price:  $126.89

Savin 2070DP Black and White Copier Review


Savin 2070dp black and white copier is a copier that was produced to yield excellent and high quality print product outcomes. It is often used in corporate offices where there is very high demand for print work. Most of the corporate workgroups purchase this particular type of copier not only because of its efficiency but also because it is noiseless and does not require much attention when working with it. This particular quality makes this copier very reliable and efficient. Once it is set by the operator it can perfectly and effectively carryout the printing work on its own while affording the operator the opportunity to attend to other tasks in the office. Because of its design, its quality of print production is always very clear and neat.


The Savin 2070DP black and white copier, as the name implies; can only make prints in black and white irrespective of the color of the original document. It has a total weight of 415Ib; a height of 44.9inches; a depth of 29.6inches and a width of 27.2inches respectively. It is a copier that is designed with an enabled Duplex Printer. This design makes it possible for the copier’s printer to automatically make two different copies of a document at the same time.
The copier is also designed with an Automatic Feeder device. This device is fitted in order to make it possible for the copier to be able to feed itself with more papers when needed. The document feeder is capable of holding up to 50 copies of the original documents to be copied at once.
Savin 2070DP black and white copier is capable of making of producing a maximum total of 70 Copies Per Minute (CPM). It has a maximum sheet capacity of up to 7,750. With this capacity, it is possible for the copier to be able to contain a total number of 7,750 sheets at the same time. This means that it will be able to make 7,750 copies of an original document at a goal.
The copier has a resolution that enables the operator to get a copied document almost exactly as the original. The best resolution for Savin 2070DP black and white copier is 600pi. With this resolution, one can hardly tell the difference between the original document and the copied one.
Savin 2070DP black and white copier has a magnification ratio of between 25% and 400%. With this range of magnification, it is possible to increase the character of the original document to as high as 400%. It is also possible to reduce it to as low as 25%. The essence of this range is to help the operator to make a choice of the magnification ratio that will bring out the copy in a way that it will be as sharp and clear as the original copy.
Savin 2070DP black and white copier does not require any form of special operative skills in order to be able to use it. It is almost soundless. It also requires very little attention once in production. The copier has a Maximum Media Size of up to 11 x 17inches. When turned on; it usually warms up for some time before commencing operation. The Warm-up Time usually takes 330 seconds. After the warm-up time, the first copy of document that will be produced usually takes about 3.5 seconds.
The Savin 2070DP black and white copier also has an energy star. This makes it safe for the operator using it and also makes it environment friendly.
The price of acquiring a Savin 2070DP black and white copier is considerably very low and provides very high quality products.


Savin 2070DP black and white copier usually comes without an auto-shut off. This is a disadvantage on this copier product type. Without the auto-shut off, the copier is usually unable to shut itself off once an operation is completed and it is no longer in use. It requires the operator to personally shut it off once it is finished with a particular task. As long as the operator is not available to shut it off, the copier can continue to remain on for as long as possible.

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