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Sharp FO-4450 Fax Machine Toner - 6000Pages - QuikShip Toner
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6 Products for the Sharp FO-4450 Fax Machine
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Sharp FO-4450 Fax Machine Toner - 6000Pages
  OVER 50

Price:  $34.89
Product Description
Sharp FO-4450 Fax Machine Toner - 6000Pages

This Toner Cartridge prints 6000 pages with an average 5% page coverage. The amount of pages can vary depending upon the amount of ink printed onto each page. (5% page coverage is a standard Sharp specification)

This product comes with a 6 month Warranty against any defects (including free replacement). We stand behind our products 100%, as these are not manufactured by Sharp.

Why toner? Why not call it ink? Regular ink dries quickly, which is why cartridges for inkjet printers do not last long. Laser Printers use toner, which is ink in the form of powder. A sealed toner cartridge can be stored for 2+ years prior to usage.

Product Manuals
Sharp FO-4450 - Replacing the Verification Stamp

When using the verification stamp function of the Sharp FO-4450, it is important to remember that the stamp does NOT use the same toner as regular printing, but instead requires a small additional ink cartridge that must, from time to time, be replaced. No warning message will appear when the stamp requires replacing, but the stamp will eventually produce more and more faded stamping until it will apparently require a new cartridge.

To replace the ink cartridge in the stamp unit, first remove the exit tray for the automatic document feeder. You will find the GREEN ink cartridge underneath which can be removed by pressing down on the small protruding tab on it.

A new ink cartridge can then be inserted in its place with the tab facing OUT. Recycle the old cartridge and replace the exit tray for the automatic document feeder.

Sharp FO-4450 - Installing a Toner Cartridge

When the Sharp FO-4450 is first purchased, it will NOT have a toner cartridge pre installed and therefore one must be installed by hand. Periodically, the message REPLACE TONER will appear on the device’s display, signifying that it is almost time for a change. When the toner cartridge indicator light is blinking but no message is displayed, the fax machine can print roughly 100 more pages before toner runs out.

The fusing unit inside the Sharp FO-4450 becomes scalding hot during operation. This is why it is very important to let the fax machine cool down completely before attempting to change a cartridge, or at least avoid touching the inside of the print compartment and exercise caution.

The Sharp FO-4450 can be opened by pressing the release button on the INSIDE edge of the cover, then pulling the cover open. If this is not the initial cartridge installation, the old cartridge must be removed from the machine. Lift it out by its handle and dispose of it through a recycling program.

Remove the new toner cartridge from its shipping material and take the tape off the cartridge. Lift the handle of the cartridge so that it stands up on its own, then vigorously shake the cartridge side to side and in a flat rotation. If toner inside the cartridge is not significantly loosened, the machine may make noises when the cartridge is in use, though this is not necessarily a cause for concern.

Holding the cartridge by its handle, slide it into the print compartment by matching the blue and green sides with their like colors. Lower the handle and close the print cover. If the drum unit was not also replaced, no further action needs to be taken before operation.

Sharp FO-4450 Toner Cartridge (OEM) 6,000 Pages

Price:  $128.89
Sharp FO-4450 Fax Machine Drum - 20000Pages
  OVER 50

Price:  $44.89
Sharp FO-4450 Fax Machine Drum and Toner COMBO
  OVER 50

Price:  $75.90
Sharp FO-4450 Drum (OEM) 20,000 Pages

Price:  $98.89
Sharp FO-4450 Fuser Assembly Unit (OEM)

Price:  $331.89

Sharp FO-4450 Review


Shaped like a flatbed multifunctional unit but without a built in document glass, the Sharp FO-4450 takes on an interesting shape for a fax machine, and includes an assortment of professional level facsimile tools as well as a full miniature QWERTY keyboard.


While the Sharp FO-4450 does not include a touch screen as many newer fax machine models do, its dedicated set of controls is more than sufficient thanks to its 2 line LCD screen and adjustable angle on its display. This device has as many dedicated buttons as a full sized copy machine and, with a small QWERTY keyboard included, the unit is highly functional as a stand alone unit with no host PC necessary for operation.

As most fax machines are, the Sharp FO-4450 is powered by a Super G3 33.6 Kbps modem that brings the device’s transmission time down to a comfortable 3 seconds. Its additional time saving features include a 1.3 second quick scan option that allows users to scan outgoing fax data at a faster rate than the unit can transmit it. This allows users to complete the interactive portion of a fax transmission and walk away quicker than usual; leaving the machine to do the rest of the work on its own.

The unit’s 8 MBs of flash memory is fairly limited in terms of a multifunctional device, but it allows the Sharp FO-4450 to store up to 500 pages worth of data internally, which is about as much as any unit on the market. (Internal memory is also upgradable to 16 MBs which brings the storage amount to 1,000 pages.)

The Sharp FO-4450’s 16 page per minute print speed is slow by printing standards but, as a fax machine, 16 pages per minute is really all anyone could need considering that that is about as fast as faxes can be transmitted anyway. The unit does function as a copier as well, but this is more of a secondary function that wouldn’t be worth shelling out extra cash for to improve copy speeds.

Paper capacity rests at a comfortable 250 sheets and is expandable to 750 sheets with an additional tray, while the built in automatic document feeder holds a solid 50 sheets of material.


The Sharp FO-4450 is certainly a proficient machine when it comes to faxing and even copying to some degree, but Sharp has forgone the usual additional multifunctionality seen in modern fax machines that allow them to triple and quadruple as printers and scanners. Without solid PC integration, the hardware is basically limited to stand alone operation, which is only ideal for a small number of businesses.

Another element to the Sharp FO-4450’s setup that is at least fairly strange if not a downside is its half duplexing capabilities. While many machines on the market have the ability to duplex print but not scan, this machine is capable of the opposite. It, oddly, can scan both sides of material for transmission but can only automatically print to a single side of output material. As stated, this is not necessarily a major drawback, but it is at least notably obscure.

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