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Sharp UX-510 Printer Ribbon (OEM) 510 Pages - QuikShip Toner
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2 Products for the Sharp UX-510 Fax Machine
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Sharp UX-510 Printer Ribbon (OEM) 510 Pages

Price:  $24.89
Product Description
Printer Ribbon for Sharp UX-510 Fax Machine (OEM), Manufactured by Sharp

What is Printer Ribbon? Printer ribbon has a wax-like texture that can be melted down and fused with paper in thermal imaging printers. In Dot-Matrix & Impact printers, pressure is applied to specific areas of the ribbon in order to create the printed page. Printer Ribbon is often used in dot-matrix, thermal imaging & impact printers, as well as fax machines.

Product Manuals
Sharp UX-510 - Installing Imaging Film

To install the imaging film required to operate the Sharp UX-510, begin by locating the OPEN tab at the top of the machine. Press this tab and flip up the top of the unit.

To prepare the roll of imaging film, first the feed gears must be shoved into either end of the larger roll. The roll can now be held to that the end with ONE SLOT is on the LEFT hand side of the machine. Fit the larger roll down into the machine so that that gears interlock on both sides of the roll.

The band holding the two spools together can now be cut with a scissors and removed. The third gear can now be inserted into the RIGHT end of the smaller spool and the flange into the LEFT end.

Unroll the empty spool upwards toward the back of the machine and fit the gear and flange into their holding slots. Make sure there is no slack left in the film by winding it slightly, then close the print compartment door.

Before the new roll can be used, the key sequence FUNCTION, 6, #, START must be entered. When the roll of film runs out, a FILM END message will appear.

Sharp UX-510 - Loading Paper into the Machine

Up to 200 sheets of paper can be loaded into the Sharp UX-510’s paper tray. Do not overfill the tray or it will not function properly. Also, do not use paper over a thickness of 24 lbs as this could also cause a paper malfunction. The output tray’s maximum capacity is 100 sheets.

If there is a cover on the paper tray, remove it. When legal sized paper is to be used, be sure to extend the paper tray BEFORE loading paper. Fan stacks of paper to remove static cling from the individual pieces, and bend the stack to break up the ends.

Lift up on the paper release tray so that it is wide open, then drop to stack of paper down into the tray. Replace the paper cover FIRST, then clamp down the paper release plate.

The machine must be programmed at this point by using the following button sequences.

1) For LETTER sized paper, type in FUNCTION, 6, *, *, 1, STOP
2) For LEGAL sized paper, type in FUNCTION, 6, *, *, 2, STOP
3) For REGULAR paper (if it was not used previously), type in FUNCTION, 6, *, *, *, 1, STOP
4) For THERMAL TRANSFER paper (if it was not used previously), type in FUNCTION, 6, *, *, *, 2, STOP

Sharp UX-510 - Entering Name and Fax Number Information

Upon initial setup, users’ name and fax number information will have to be manually keyed into the Sharp UX-510. When entering, the HOLD/SEARCH key can be used to move the cursor back and the SPEAKER key used to move it forward. Use the following button sequence to enter information:

1) Press FUNCTION, 3.
2) Press #, #.
3) Press START
4) Enter your fax number using the keypad
5) Press START
6) Enter your name by pressing the number keys that feature each corresponding letter until the appropriate letter appears.
7) Press START, STOP.

Sharp UX-510 Thermal Printer Ribbon 2Pack - 510 Pages Ea.
  OVER 50

Price:  $21.89

Sharp UX-510 Review


Thermal transfer printing is a method seen in fax machines such as the Sharp UX-510 which, using this unique process, produces hard copies of incoming fax material in a somewhat efficient manner. The UX-510’s most notable feature is its compact size, as its performance and cost per page specifications are consistently lukewarm at best.


The Sharp UX-510 comes equipped with a built in fax page memory capacity. The amount of included on board RAM totals half of a megabyte, or about 512 KBs. With this amount of memory, the unit can safely store both incoming and outgoing fax material in data form without actually printing or transmitting the material. With half of a megabyte in memory available, somewhere between 27 and 30 pages worth of data can be stored.

Having an on board fax page memory is critical for keeping outgoing and incoming material safe in a variety of circumstances. In the old days, incoming faxes had to be printed as they were received or they would be lost forever. If there was a paper outage or the thermal cartridge ran dry during the middle of an incoming fax, users were out of luck. Page memory can safely store a fax of considerable size while paper is restocked or consumables are replenished.

Though the Sharp UX-510’s print resolution is quite poor in quality, it is actually quite good in comparison to other fax machines, as faxes are usually sent in low resolutions. The print quality for the machine is measured horizontally and vertically; the vertical resolution being a constant 203 lines or 8 lines per mm. Vertical resolution is adjustable between three settings, each of which will change the print speed when in use.

Standard resolution rests at a barely legible 98 lines per inch. Standard resolution should only be used for the most basic of faxes that are very clear to begin with. A fine/halftone quality can be selected to achieve 196 lines per inch, while the unit’s super fine resolution of 391 lines per inch is the device’s highest setting. The display on the unit itself also carries a measurable resolution of 7 x 5 dots per digit in a 16 digit single line.


In an age where the Super G3 33.6 Kbps fax modem has become the concrete standard, the Sharp UX-510 offers a measly 14.4 Kbps modem in its stead. Having a modem that operates at less than half the speed of machines in communication with the device poses a variety of problems. While most other fax machines will be “clocked down” upon communication with the Sharp UX-510 to accommodate for its sluggish speed, this causes both parties to wait more than twice as long for faxes to be transmitted.

Transmission speeds of 14.4 Kbps result in a fax time of about 6 seconds per page. While this means that single page faxes will only take 3 or 4 seconds longer to transmit than they would when using a better machine, the time it will take to send or receive a larger fax project will compound quickly into full minutes.

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