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6 Products for the Sharp AR-208 Laser Printer
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Sharp AR-208 / AR-208D / AR-208S OEM Toner Cartridge - 8,000 Pages (Sharp AR208 Toner)
Sharp OVER 50

Price:  $47.89
Product Description
Sharp AR-208 / AR-208D / AR-208S OEM Toner Cartridge - 8,000 Pages (Sharp AR208 Toner)

The page yield for this toner cartridge is 8000 pages. Nearly all printer manufacturers base their ink/toner cartridge yields on 5% page coverage.

What is OEM? OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. These OEM Toner Cartridges are assembled by Sharp for use in your Laser Printer. Also known as "genuine" toner, these cartridges provide a premium alternative to compatible or re-manufactured laser toner cartridges.

Product Manuals
Sharp AR-208 / AR-208D / AR-208S - Replacing a Toner Cartridge

A message reading TONER CARTRIDGE IS NEAR EMPTY will be displayed when the cartridge is running very low. At this point, the machine can still be operated but its print quality will slowly diminish until the toner runs completely dry. At this point, the message displayed will be REPLACE THE TONER CARTRIDGE.

Before replacing the cartridge with a new one, it is possible to try removing the old cartridge and shaking it around several times and then reinstalling. This redistribution of toner can potentially coax a few more solid prints out of the cartridge. If this does not work successfully, then a new cartridge must be added to continue printing.

Open the bypass tray first and then open the side cover by pressing the button to the left of the tray. The front cover must be opened next by pressing on both sided of the tray at once and dropping the cover down.

A locking button can be seen at the end of the exposed toner cartridge. Press this button and remove the toner cartridge slowly. Be careful with the cartridge as is could potentially spill toner and stain clothing and carpentry. It should be recycled through an accredited toner recycling program and never incinerated.

The new cartridge must, before it is used, be shaken back and forth and side to side several times to distribute the toner inside. You will also find a toner seal on the cartridge that must be removed before insertion.

Once the cartridge is prepared, insert it into the machine slowly while holding down the locking button. When it is all the way into the machine, it should secure itself in place, and the pull tab on the end must now be removed.

Close the front cover FIRST and then the side cover. If they are closed out of order, damage mage occur. If the process has been completed correctly, the READY indicator will light.

Sharp AR-208 / AR-208D / AR-208S - Cleaning the Document Glass and Transfer Charger

The outside of the machine can be wiped with a soft dry cloth, while the document glass itself may require special cleaning. NEVER use any flammable cleaner inside or on the printer as static sparks could ignite it, and always remember to clean the unit with the power off and power cord removed.

Because stains on the copy glass and roller will be transferred onto scanned material, it is important to clean these elements carefully. Use a soft clean cloth that is either dry or has a small amount of glass cleaner on it.

Wipe down the scanning glass so that there are no spots on it and do the same for the lid. To the right of the lid is the RSPF roller. This roller must be completely clean or the RSPF will not be able to be used for copying.

The Sharp AR-208 / AR-208D / AR-208S machines also require occasional cleaning of their transfer chargers. To clean the chargers, begin with the power off. Open the bypass tray and then the side cover by finding and pressing its release button.

You will find a small charger cleaner device inside a pocket inside the machine. Remove this cleaner and insert it into the right side of the charger. Slide the cleaner across the transfer wire several times until you feel that it has been cleaned, then return the utensil to its holding cell and close the side panel.

Sharp AR-208 Toner Refill Bottle

Price:  $26.89
Sharp AR-208 Drum Cleaning Blade

Price:  $23.89
Sharp AR-208D/AR208S Black Developer (OEM) 25,000 Pages

Price:  $20.89
Sharp AR-208 Paper Tray (OEM) 250 Sheets

Price:  $173.89
Sharp AR-208 Deluxe Copier Cabinet with Door (OEM)

Price:  $131.89

About My Sharp AR-208D Multifunction Printer

Pages Per Minute
Cost of Consumables
Printer Resolution
Based Off 2504 Similar Printers

Sharp AR-208 / AR-208D / AR-208S Review


The Sharp AR-208 / AR-208D / AR-208S series of printers falls into a very unique category of document processing systems with its professional level electronic sorting and expansion options and its relatively small size.


The 208 series from Sharp gives buyers multiple options when selecting their print hardware. The Sharp AR-208D is equipped with built in duplexing capabilities for double sided printing, while the AR-208S is simplex based, meaning double sided prints will require manual intervention.

While the print and copy speeds for the Sharp AR-208 / AR-208D / AR-208S are relatively slow, its first copy out times are respectable. When the machine is fired up and ready, first copies will be produced in only 8 seconds. If the device needs warming up, however, this time is expanded to a still acceptable 25 seconds. From complete shut off, it will take a full minute to get to that first page. The additional good news is that when the devices energy saver mode is not enabled, the warm up time for the unit remains at virtually zero seconds.

The Sharp AR-208 / AR-208D / AR-208S come with a reversing automatic document feeder, meaning that the ADF, in this case, can scan both sides of input material automatically. The RADF is also impressive in another way in that is can hold a solid 50 sheets of paper at once, making large scan, copy, and even fax projects manageable.

Faxing is not a standard feature of the Sharp AR-208 / AR-208D / AR-208S series, but a Super G3 33.6 Kbps fax modem is optional. With added faxing abilities, the device becomes a competent 4 in 1 unit that is as easy to use for faxing as it is for making copies.

Memory rests at an almost comfortable 64 MB (shared) that provides plenty of storage for copy and print processes, though this amount should be expanded if faxing will be taking place, as users will certainly want a decent fax page memory and digital phone book.

As a copy machine, the 208 offers the features one would expect in a machine of this caliber; 2 in 1 copying, reduction and enlargement, auto tray switching, margin shifting, zoom, variable memory adjustment, auto shut off, and duplexing (on the D model), to name a few.


The Sharp AR-208 / AR-208D / AR-208S printers are only capable of outputting material at a rate of 20 pages per minute. When investing the amount of money that the machines will cost you, buyers should be a little pickier when it comes to raw performance, as the cost of the unit could easily bring in a 30 page per minute machine or greater.

Copies are also restricted to the rate of 20 per minute and continuous copies can be made in the limited quantity of only 99. Print and copy resolutions, both topping out at only 600 x 600 dots per inch, are also a little disappointing. Within the scope of what the hardware was intended for, this medium level resolution is acceptable, but it also ensures that real quality imagery cannot be copied or printed.

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