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2 Products for the Casio PCR-365 Printer
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Casio PCR-365 POS Black Ribbon 6Pack - 2,000,000 Characters Ea.
  OVER 100

Price:  $8.89
Product Description
6Pack of Black POS Ribbon Cartridges for Casio PCR-365 Point of Sale Printer

This product comes with a 6 month Warranty against any defects (including free replacement). We stand behind our products 100%, as these are not manufactured by Casio.

Product Manuals
How to Replace an Ink Ribbon in the Casio PCR-365
When it comes time to replace the Casio PCR-365’s ink ribbon, you will know by observing lower and lower levels of ink saturation in printouts. When receipts become too light for satisfaction, replace the ink ribbon cartridge with a new one. You must use ERC-40P cartridges or their equivalent with this machine, but you have the option of using either black or purple ink.

Begin replacement by opening the printer cover. This can be accomplished by lifting the part of the printer that bulges due to the paper roll. It should pop right off and can be set aside. Use a scissors to cut the journal paper roll and press the FEED button to feed out the remaining paper.

Remove the inner cover and set it aside as well. The ribbon cassette will be found underneath this cover and will be locked into place. A place marked PUSH will be visible on the right side of the old cassette. Press on it to release the cartridge from the printer and pull it out for disposal.

Unpack a new ink ribbon and install it into the same position as the old one was found in. It must be pressed into place until it clicks into position. The ribbon itself will need tightening by hand before it can be used. Accomplish this by turning the tightening knob on the left side of the cassette to remove any slack from the ribbon.

Replace the lower cover and reload the remaining paper roll. Replace the printer cover on top of it and you will be ready to print.
How to Replace Receipt Paper in the Casio PCR-365
When receipt paper runs out or is about to run out, it must be replaced with a fresh role. Set the printer to regular mode by turning the mode dial to the REG position before changing the roll.

Cut the remaining paper with a scissors so that it can be fed out of the machine. Do this by pressing the FEED button until there is no paper left. DO NOT do so by manually pulling out the rest of the paper by hand or you could cause damage to the printer.

Once the old roll is completely empty, pull it out of the printer. Cut the end off a new roll or receipt paper if that is the type to be loaded, making sure that it is as even as possible. When inserting the roll into the machine, make sure that it is feeding from the BOTTOM of the roll, otherwise clogging will occur.

Also be sure that you work one end of the spool in first and then the other end, so that the two spindles slide into the center of the roll. Take some paper from the bottom of the roll and insert it into the paper inlet. Next, press FEED until you have about 20 or 30 cms of loose paper to work with. This will make it easy to replace the printer cover while pulling the paper through the cover slot. Once the cover is in place, tear off the excess paper and you are ready to continue.
Casio PCR-365 POS Purple Ribbon 6Pack - 4,000,000 Characters Ea.
  OVER 100

Price:  $20.89

Casio PCR-365 Printer Review


Toner cartridges for the Casio PCR-365 are perfect for your retail operations. The Casio PCR-365 will increase efficiency for your store or retail outlet. It is reliable and is affordable to operate. The Casio PCR 365 is a well designed cash register and can increase production in the workplace.


The Casio PCR 365 provides all the features you want in a cash register. You won’t be limited by the functions of the Casio PCR 365. The Casio PCR 365 can do your account and recognize cash, credit as well as checks.

It can supply you will all kinds of reports to keep track of your business at any time. The Casio PCR 365 can provide you with four different tax tables as well as after sale receipts which this cash register can produce for your clients or yourself. Its keyboard layout is excellent and was designed with users in mind.

The Casio PCR 365 can accommodate up to ninety nine clerks which also have double commission rates on each. It comes with easy to use manuals that are easy to understand. You can upgrade the Casio PCR 365 to include scanning capabilities.

The Casio PCR 365 also allows you to track sales by the month, week, or year. The reports generated from this data can be used to increase sales and are an excellent tool for planning. These reports can be printed automatically saving you time. As a result the Casio PCR 365 rises above other cash registers. There are also period to date version of reports. This cash register offers outstanding print quality.


The Casio PCR 365 is affordable and won’t cost a lot to operate. There really aren’t any downfalls to owning this machine.

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