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5 Products for the Dell P1500 Laser Printer
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Toner Cartridge - Dell P1500 Laser Printer (6000 Pages)
  OVER 50

Price:  $89.89
Product Description
Toner Cartridge for Dell P1500 Laser Printer

This laser printer toner cartridge prints 6000 pages, which is more than the standard offering by Dell. Pages estimated averaged at 5% page coverage (5% of the page is covered by ink). NOTE: Nearly all printer manufacturers (including Dell) base their ink/toner cartridge yields on 5% page coverage.

This product comes with a 6 month Warranty against any defects (including free replacement). We stand behind our products 100%, as these are not manufactured by Dell.

Product Manuals
How to Install a Toner Cartridge in the Dell P1500 Laser Printer
When replacing a toner cartridge or setting up the Dell P1500 printer initially users will have to remove the current toner cartridge by opening the front of the printer. This can be done by using the finger tab at the top of the printer to pry the front cover open and let it fall forward.

If the printer is being initially set up, the current toner cartridge will be contained in packaging material that must simply be removed before the cartridge can operate properly. If the cartridge has run out of ink, the current cartridge must be removed and discarded, preferably though a toner recycling program.

To remove the cartridge, always grasp it by its handle and lift it straight upwards. It should slide out of the machine easily without being forced. Packaging material can be found on either side of the new cartridge and, if preparing the starter cartridge that comes with the machine, material will be wrapped around the entire unit and must be discarded.

New cartridges must also have their toner redistributed by being shaken gently in all directions. This will ensure the maximum life of the cartridge. When inserting the prepared cartridge into the printer, locate and align the arrows seen inside the printer with the arrows on the cartridge itself. When lined up properly, the cartridge should slide easily into the groves in the printer.

While holding the cartridge by its handle, slide it as far as it will go into the printer. If the cartridge is installed correctly, the printer cover will close easily. If it does not, try repositioning the cartridge.
How to Install an Additional Paper Tray in the Dell P1500 Laser Printer
The 250 sheet additional paper tray is a great way to expand the Dell P1500’s overall storage capacity, as well as give it the ability to switch back and forth between media types without unloading paper. The optional additional drawer consists of two parts: a base and a tray. Be sure to always TURN OFF THE PRINTER when installing this additional hardware.

Before installing the additional tray, remove the tray from its base completely by sliding it out of the unit. There will be a small degree of packaging tape and other material on the tray and the base that must be completely removed before installation.

You will want to place the base hardware in the position where you ultimately want the printer to sit, so the printer may need to be moved first. Line up the printer with the base unit and carefully lower the printer down onto it. It should lock easily and firmly into place.

After the printer is attached to the additional tray, insert the paper tray and then load it with paper so a test page can be printed. The best way to print a test page is by printing a MENU SETTINGS page which will verify proper installation. When loading the additional tray, always be sure to set the paper guides so that they fit snugly against the type of paper currently in use but do not restrict movement of the paper.
Dell P1500 MICR Toner For Printing Checks - 6,000 Pages

Price:  $70.89
Dell P1500 Separation Pad (OEM)

Price:  $39.89
Dell P1500 Pickup Roller (OEM)

Price:  $44.89
Dell P1500 Paper Feed Roller (OEM)

Price:  $35.89

Dell P1500 Review


The Dell P1500 is a personal laser printer for the home or single office.  It delivers monochrome laser printing at resolutions up to 1200 dpi at speeds up to 19 ppm. Coming with enough expandable memory to be a shared printer for a small group of computers and Postscript emulation, the P1500 has room to grow with your needs.


The Dell has a 14.2” x 8” footprint, making it compact enough to sit right on your desk. At 20 pounds, the P1500 is heavier than many personal laser printers on the market. If the appearance of this Dell printer looks familiar that’s because it’s. The P1500 is really a Lexmark E321, just in a different color scheme and rebadged with the Dell emblem. All the parts inside are the interchangeable.

The top-loading paper tray can hold up to 150 sheets of paper up to 8 ½” x 14”.  The tray doubles to handle your heavier papers and cardstock, envelopes, labels, and transparencies. If you need more capacity, you can stack an additional 250-sheet cassette tray to the P1500.

The P1500 prints 19 monochrome pages per minute at 600 dpi. In digitally-enhanced 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution, this Dell keeps images well defined. Unlike many personal laser printers, the P1500 comes with Adobe PostScript3 and HP PCL6 print emulation.

The Dell comes with 16MB of memory, impressive for a personal printer. What’s more amazing is the memory can be expanded to a maximum of 144MB, allowing the Dell to easily handle large print jobs and to be a shared across several computers. The P1500 connects directly to a PC using either USB 1.0 connections or IEEE 1284 Parallel. To network the P1500 requires an external print server device or sharing the printer from its computer host.

The control panel for the P1500 is simple and intuitive. It has the right amount of LED indicators to quickly know the printer’s status. What’s also unique about the control panel is the labeling of the control buttons “Cancel” and “Continue”. Personally, using the word “Continue” instead of the ambiguous “Enter” or “Go” is brilliant.


The P1500 shows its age with its 13 pages per minute print speed, slower than many inkjet printers. Being a rebadged Lexmark E321 also means the Dell P1500 has the same problems the Lexmark has. Striping or banding is visible when doing solid color graphics or artistic text.

If you have a Mac that you want to connect to the Dell P1500, you’re out of luck. Dell does not provide drivers for Apple support, so you’ll have to try the built-in drivers inside OS X to see if you can get one to work with the P1500.

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