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2 Products for the Toshiba DP-120F Laser Copier
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Toshiba DP-120F OEM Toner Cartridge - 2,500 Pages

Price:  $24.89
Product Description

Toshiba DP-120F OEM Toner Cartridge - 2,500 Pages

The page yield for this toner cartridge is 2500 pages. Nearly all printer manufacturers base their ink/toner cartridge yields on 5% page coverage.

What is an OEM Toner Cartridge? OEM Toner Cartridges are assembled by Toshiba for your Laser Copier. Also known as "genuine" toner, these cartridges are meant to act as a premium alternative to compatible or re-manufactured laser toner cartridges.

Product Manuals
Toshiba DP-120F - Replacing a Toner Cartridge

NOTE: The replacement toner cartridge kits for the Toshiba DP-120F include a fuser cleaner that must also be replaced every time a cartridge is replaced.

When the toner begins to run low in the Toshiba DP-120F, the machine will display a TONER LOW alert message. At this time, the unit will still operate but it will not be long before the cartridge runs out. When the unit does run out, a TONER EMPTY alert will appear and the unit will no longer be able to print at all.

To replace the toner cartridge, begin by locating the release lever for the top cover located on the right side of the unit. Grab the lever and pull the top of the unit open. Remove the developer assembly found inside simply be carefully lifting it out of the machine. Be careful to never make contact with the green part of the drum. This could result in print quality reduction. Also be sure to not expose the drum unit to light for more than three minutes. For this reason, it is important to cover the unit or complete the replacement process quickly.

Next, separate the drum unit from the developer assembly by lifting it up and away. The toner cartridge can now be removed from the developer assembly by finding and pressing the GREEN release button found on the side of the toner cartridge, then lifting the toner cartridge.

Prepare a new toner cartridge by shaking it thoroughly and then hooking it into the developer assembly by the slots found on the four corners of the assembly. Be sure that the cartridge locks firmly into place. It is now safe to pull the pull tab on the cartridge and remove it from the assembly.

The drum unit can now be reattached to the assembly in the reverse direction as it was removed in. The entire assembly can be dropped into the machine by aligning the groves on the sides of the unit with the ones inside the machine. Press down on the drum unit until it clicks into place.

Toshiba DP-120F OEM Drum Unit - 10,000 Pages
Toshiba 5 IN STOCK NOW

Price:  $65.89

Toshiba DP-120F Review


With features such as a 1 second hyper scan and up to 31 day delayed transmission, the Toshiba DP-120F is more than just a fax machine. This facsimile oriented device is also a fully functional MFP that can execute a wide variety of functions and includes a useful QWERTY keyboard.


As one of the last of a dying breed, this 2000 model fax machine holds on to its roots. The Toshiba DP-120F is, at heart, a state of the art fax machine with enormous expandability options and a versatile hardware set.

Regular faxing is made possible by the device’s built in Super G3 fax modem that is capable of sending and receiving data at a rate of about 3 seconds per page. The unit is capable of managing enormous amounts of hard fax material thanks to its 300 page output tray and multiple paper storage trays. Additional trays can be added to the base hardware of the Toshiba DP-120F to bring its potential paper storage capacity up to 1750 sheets.

The unit’s standard page memory is a very conservative 277 pages, or a total of 3 MBs. While most devices being released today have at least twice this amount of pages storable to memory and sometimes literally a hundred times the storage space in MB, 277 pages should be enough for this device considering its configuration.

A 50 page automatic document feeder sits atop the Toshiba DP-120F, making very large hard fax projects easy to send without having to load or feed individual pages one at a time. Faxes can also be done without dealing with hard copies and can be sent using the unit’s internet fax option without connecting it to a PC.

Management functions include account codes for security, comprehensive management reports, and fax confirmation reports with images. Security levels can also be divided into departments and remote terminal identification display/printing gives managers of the device complete knowledge and control over incoming and outgoing material.

The Toshiba DP-120F is not without a set of additional hardware and software options that can be used to customize the core machine. Memory can be added on to, though only by 4 MBs, and plenty of networking options are available to open up an entire additional range of features.


As stated, the Toshiba DP-120F is, at heart, a fax machine. Unfortunately, this leaves a lot of room for improvement in other areas. The unit can double as a standard network printer, but its speeds are extremely slow. 12 pages per minute is simply an unacceptable print speed for any device in a modern office setting. Its max print resolution of only 600 dots per inch is also, though no cause for concern, at least disappointing.

It should also be noted that this model is, if nothing else, extremely old by technology standards. While these professional level models are sure to operate for quite some time, all of its once cutting edge features can now be found more than standard in any multifunctional unit, professional or consumer, with the exception of the QWERTY keyboard.


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