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4 Products for the Epson FX-890 Printer
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Epson FX-890 Ribbon Cartridge 6Pack - 7,500,000 Characters
  OVER 100

Price:  $23.89
Product Description
Printer Ribbon 6Pack for Epson FX-890 Impact Printer

These printer ribbon cartridges will yield characters each.

This product comes with a 6 month Warranty against any defects (including free replacement). We stand behind our products 100%, as these are not manufactured by Epson.

What is Printer Ribbon? Printer ribbon has a wax-like texture that can be melted down and fused with paper in thermal imaging printers. In Dot-Matrix & Impact printers, pressure is applied to specific areas of the ribbon in order to create the printed page. Printer Ribbon is often used in dot-matrix, thermal imaging & impact printers, as well as fax machines.

Product Manuals
Installing an Ink Ribbon in an Epson FX-890 Printer
When an ink ribbon for the Epson FX-890 is to be installed or uninstalled, the printer must first be turned off and then unplugged. Open the cover to the printer and pull it up to completely remove it. The paper tension unit must also be taken out of the machine. The unit has tabs that must be pressed to release the tensioner, which can then be lifted out of the machine.

The print head can manually be slid to the center of the printer, but be careful if the device has just been used as the print head may be hot to the touch. Open the new ribbon cartridge only right before it is to be installed to avoid unnecessary contact with light. At this point, the small black plastic ribbon guide on top of the ribbon must be located, and the small tab on the guide must be very gently disconnected. The ribbon guide itself should remain on the ribbon.

Pull out an old ribbon cartridge if necessary, then install the new one by sliding one corner in first, then the other. If the plastic hooks are fitted correctly, the ribbon will snap into place.

Be careful not to twist or get creases in the ribbon while moving the ribbon guide and slide it into the print head. A small knob to one side of the ribbon can be turned counterclockwise to tighten the ribbon and work it into its correct position.

The tension unit must be reinstalled first by carefully lowering it into its original position and pushing down on it so that it snaps into place. Insert the tabs on the printer cover into their slots on the printer and press down until they snap into place. The paper guide can also now be attached.
Clearing a Paper Jam in the Epson FX-890
If a paper jam occurs, only clear it after you have turned the printer off. Forcing mechanical parts while the printer is powered on may cause damage to the device. When using continuous feed paper that has gotten jammed, tear off the feed and start with a fresh supply after clearing the jam.

Turn the left paper feed knob backwards so that the paper in the device is fed out the back of the device. If the paper is stuck towards the front of the printer, it can be pulled very gently out of the machine. The paper feed knob can also help to force paper through the machine in the usual direction but if this is not effective, the paper cover may need to be removed. Always pull gently when removing stuck paper.

Epson FX-890 Ribbon Cartridge - 7,500,000 Characters

Price:  $16.89
Epson FX-890 Ribbon Cartridge (OEM) 7,500,000 Characters
Epson OVER 100

Price:  $16.89
Epson FX-890 Sheet Feeder (OEM)

Price:  $68.89

About My Epson FX-890 Dot Matrix Printer

Pages Per Minute
Cost of Consumables
Printer Resolution
Based Off 261 Similar Printers

Epson FX-890 Review


Able to print to forms up to 7 pages thick, the Epson FX-890 is a heavy duty, long lasting impact printer that is designed for continuous use that could on for literally a decade. The device’s 9 pin setup makes it fast and affordable; the perfect unit for printing work forms and shipping receipts in the toughest of work environments.


With a rating of 20,000 power on hours, the Epson FX-890 is designed to potentially last a lifetime. Reports, labels, and multilayered forms can be printed at speeds of up to 680 characters per second, making the device up to speed when it comes to dot matrix printers.

The device can be setup using its newly designed control panel or Epson Remote Configuration Manager tool that operates on any Window’s based system. Users also have the option of connecting the device via Parallel or USB ports; a welcome setup type considering that quite a few dot matrix devices only offer one of the other, usually Parallel.

On top of built in USB and Parallel ports, the Epson FX-890 includes a slot for optional interface cards. This allows users with special systems, especially very old ones, to connect with the printer. The unit’s character print head life of 400 million characters means that this workhorse could very well be around for a long time and, therefore, having multiple connectivity options becomes absolutely critical in a changing electronics environment.

Both continuous forms and cut sheet paper is compatible with the Epson FX-890 thanks to multiple paper paths. This gives users the option of using the older roll style paper as well as preset and pre-cut individual sheets that can be up to 7 parts thick.

The print consumables for the Epson FX-890 are also designed to last an incredibly long amount of time with each one offering 7.5 million characters per ribbon. When replacing an older model printer, the 890 can integrate seamlessly with systems that have been set up with an Epson FX-880, 880+, or 980. It is also a perfect drop in replacement for the Okidata Microline 320/320 Turbo line.


Like all dot matrix devices, the Epson FX-890 is, overall, a very slow way to print. Impact printers are designed for durability and multiple layer printing, and not much else. This loud, cumbersome unit would not be of much use in an office environment for document printing as its speed and overall noise level would render it a burden.

The Epson FX-890 is quite large in size and boasts dimensions of 16.3 x 13.8 x 6.6 inches (W x D x H), making it considerably larger than a similar inkjet printer would be, and also heavier at 16.8 pounds.. Its input buffer is only 128 KBs which, even for a very slow printer, ensures that users who wish to print imagery with the device such as a company logo will very likely encounter some degree of slowdown. Lastly, with a 55 dB(A) sound level, the unit is quite a clunker, especially when compared to a laser printer.


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