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9 Products for the Canon imageCLASS D320 Laser MultiFunction Printer
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Canon imageCLASS D320 Toner Cartridge (3500 Pages)

Price:  $43.89
Product Description
Canon Copier ImageClass D320 Toner Cartridge - 3,500Pages

This Toner Cartridge prints 3500 pages with an average 5% page coverage. The amount of pages can vary depending upon the amount of ink printed onto each page. (5% page coverage is a standard Canon specification)

This product comes with a 6 month Warranty against any defects (including free replacement). We stand behind our products 100%, as these are not manufactured by Canon.

Why toner? Why not call it ink? Regular ink dries quickly, which is why cartridges for inkjet printers do not last long. Laser Printers use toner, which is ink in the form of powder. A sealed toner cartridge can be stored for 2+ years prior to usage.

Product Manuals
How to Change the Toner Cartridge for a Canon imageCLASS D320 Laser Printer
While some printers, when running very low on toner, will have their print quality fade away evenly, the Canon ImageCLASS D320 shows signs of a near empty cartridge with white streaks on the page where no printing has occurred at all. These also may be noticeable streaks or lines of lighter print material. These white lines are not a mechanical problem; simply an indication that the life of the print cartridge is over and it needs to be changed.

The LCD may also display a message that reads INSTALL CARTRIDGE, though this does not usually happen as this implies no cartridge, not an empty one.

The cover for the cartridge can be found on the right of the Canon ImageCLASS D320 printer above the protruding paper tray. It has a small handle on top that it can be opened by. Pull the cartridge out of the machine by its handle and be careful to have it make contact with as few things as possible as it could have toner on it. When a new cartridge is opened, place the old one in the leftover toner bag.

With the new cartridge out of its bag, shake the cartridge around a bit and rotate it to and fro so that the toner inside it is loose and evenly spread out. This will reduce toner errors and prologue the life of the cartridge. A tab will be found on one end of the cartridge. This tab must be wiggled left and right to snap it free, then pull the tab straight out of the machine and with it will come a long piece of sealing tape. This tape must be pulled out slowly and at a straight angle because if it breaks, the cartridge will be unusable.

Now that the cartridge is prepared, it can be installed by holding it by its handle with the arrow on the cartridge pointing towards the printer. There is a tab on both sides of the cartridge and these tabs have corresponding grooves. Carefully slide the cartridge along these groves so that it fits snugly inside the machine, and then close the cover.

NOTE: DO NOT force the cartridge all the way into the machine, as it will be pushed all the way back automatically when the cover is closed.
How to Take Care of Toner Cartridge in a Canon imageCLASS D320 Laser Printer
The toner cartridges for the Canon ImageCLASS D320 are delicate and even dangerous in some ways and should be handles with care any time they are outside of the printer. Cartridges should never be burned or incinerated as the toner inside them is flammable.

Cartridges are slightly magnetic, and therefore should not be placed very close to hard drives and people with pacemakers should be cautious when handling them. If any odd sensations by those with cardiac pacemakers are observed, step away from the toner cartridge.

Remember to always store toner cartridges out of direct sunlight and preferably in a completely darkened space such as a cupboard. The storage space should also be free of moisture and preferably frequent temperature changes as well.
Canon imageCLASS D320 Toner Cartridge (OEM) 3,500 Pages
Canon OVER 50

Price:  $143.89
Canon imageCLASS D320 Fixing Film Sleeve

Price:  $23.89
Canon imageCLASS D320 Lower Fuser Pressure Roller

Price:  $22.89
Canon imageCLASS D320 Heating Element (OEM)

Price:  $17.89
Canon imageCLASS D320 Lower Fuser Foller Right Bushing (OEM)

Price:  $11.89
Canon imageCLASS D320 Fuser Pressure Roller Left Bushing (OEM)

Price:  $8.89
Canon imageCLASS D320 Cogged Belt (OEM)

Price:  $5.89
Canon imageCLASS D320 Paper Pickup Repair Kit (OEM)

Price:  $10.89

About My Canon imageCLASS D320 Multifunction Printer

Pages Per Minute
Cost of Consumables
Printer Resolution
Based Off 2504 Similar Printers

Canon ImageCLASS D320 Review


When it comes to multifunctional devices, the Canon ImageCLASS D320 is truly bare bones. With no fax modem and no scanning software, the unit is a 2 in 1 printer/copier combo that, with its slow print speeds, would be best suited for a very light user who requires some very basic hardware.


The Canon ImageCLASS D320’s copy resolution is good, being selectable in quality up to 1200 x 600 dots per inch. With a resolution this high, copies from the unit will definitely come out looking nice and crisp. The unit shows its true colors as a stand alone copy machine by having print resolution that is even lower than its copy res. This is almost unheard of considering that the hardware is obviously capable of printing at the higher quality, but the print feature is more of an afterthought in this device and could be as easily overlooked buy consumers as it was by Canon. Make no mistake, when you buy this device, you’re getting a copy machine.

The unit includes 4 MBs of internal memory which allows for some digital copying features. Most specifically, its 2 on 1 mode is quite handy for those making a stand alone copy of two pages that are to be shrunk down to print onto a single piece. With the unit’s good copy quality, this is a good way to save money on paper when printing less important material.

A 10 sheet bypass tray is a welcome additional to the Canon ImageCLASS D320’s fairly standard 250 sheet paper tray. With the inclusion of the bypass tray, special media types such as envelopes and letterhead can be loaded and ready in the machine without the standard letter or legal supply being disturbed.

While the first copy out time does not break the 10 second mark and lands right at 11, the unit does offer a very fast warm up time of about a single second due to instant-on type technology. For users who usually keep their copy machine off, this time saver could actually make the Canon ImageCLASS D320 faster than much higher end machines that require long warm up times.


The Canon ImageCLASS D320’s print speeds are notably poor. Copies can be made at only 15 copies per minute when using letter sized paper and 12.5 copies per minute when using legal sized. The print speeds suffer from the same sluggishness, making the device undesirable for those printing any type of large volume. Unless the user’s work intentions are to very slowly make a volume of copies that outweighs what a simple inkjet could handle, it would be best to just go with the inkjet in this case.

The unit is a little large at 32 pounds, especially for a device that does so little. Its heavy footprint also makes it cumbersome to keep on a desk, especially with the awkwardly protruding output tray. If you’re looking for anything more than the most basic of laser copy machines, you’re going to have to look elsewhere.


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