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12 Products for the Kyocera Mita KM-3035 Laser Printer
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Kyocera Mita KM-3035 Toner Cartridge - 34,000 Pages
  OVER 50

Price:  $71.89
Product Description
Kyocera Mita KM-3035 Toner Cartridge - 34,000 Pages

This Toner Cartridge prints 34000 pages with an average 5% page coverage. The amount of pages can vary depending upon the amount of ink printed onto each page. (5% page coverage is a standard Kyocera Mita specification)

This product comes with a 6 month Warranty against any defects (including free replacement). We stand behind our products 100%, as these are not manufactured by Kyocera Mita.

Why toner? Why not call it ink? Regular ink dries quickly, which is why cartridges for inkjet printers do not last long. Laser Printers use toner, which is ink in the form of powder. A sealed toner cartridge can be stored for 2+ years prior to usage.

Product Manuals
When do I Replace a Toner Cartridge in the Kyocera Mita KM-3035 Laser Printer?
The toner cartridge installed in your Kyocera Mita KM-3035 Laser Printer is a consumable component. Please note that you can extend the useful life of the installed toner cartridge by activating the Eco Print mode. The Kyocera Mita KM-3035 Laser Printer will display one of the listed messages if the installed toner cartridge needs to be replaced. Please note that you must install a new waste toner container when replacing the toner cartridge.

[Ready to copy. Add toner] – Your Kyocera Mita KM-3035 Laser Printer can print only one page at a time because the toner level is too low. Please be aware that a nearly empty toner cartridge can cause various print quality problems. Therefore, you should install a new toner cartridge.

[Add toner to resume copying] – All print/copy operations have been disabled because the installed toner cartridge is empty. You must install a new toner cartridge to resume printing/copying. The complete replacement procedure is included below.
How to Install a Toner Cartridge in the Kyocera Mita KM-3035 Laser Printer
You must start the replacement procedure by opening the front cover of your Kyocera Mita KM-3035 Laser Printer. Then, you must remove the used toner cartridge by pulling it slowly towards you while pressing the release lever located on the top inner side of the slot. After that, you must unpack the new toner cartridge, and then tap it 8-10 times on the top to loosen the toner. Now, you must redistribute the toner by shaking the new toner cartridge several times from side to side, and then slide the cartridge along the guides of the slot until it locks into place. Once the new toner cartridge is installed, you must remove the waste toner container from the laser printer, and then use the included lid to seal the opening of the exhausted component. In the next step of the replacement procedure, you must remove the cap from the grid cleaner, and then attach the grid cleaner to the machine body. After that, you must pull the electrostatic section towards you until it stops, and then remove the grid cleaner from the machine. Next, you must insert the new waste toner container into the Kyocera Mita KM-3035 Laser Printer, and then slide the cleaning shaft several times along the cleaning channel. At this stage of the replacement procedure, you must return the cleaning shaft to its original position, and then take the cleaning brush. Now, you must open the left cover of the laser printer, and then use the brush to clean the separator. Finally, you must close all printer covers, and then print a test page.
Kyocera Mita KM-3035 Toner Cartridges 5Pack - 34,000 Pages Ea.
  OVER 50

Price:  $341.90
Kyocera KM-3035 Toner Cartridge (OEM) 34,000 Pages

Price:  $123.89
KM-3035 DRUM
Kyocera KM3035 Black Drum Unit (OEM) 500,000 Pages

Price:  $397.89
Kyocera Mita KM-3035 Waste Toner Receptacle (OEM)

Price:  $49.89
Kyocera KM-3035 OEM Fuser Maintenance Kit - 400,000 Pages

Price:  $471.89
Kyocera KM-3035 Fuser Assembly Unit (OEM)

Price:  $316.89
Kyocera KM3035 Laser Printer Developer - 500,000 Pages

Price:  $107.89
Kyocera KM-3035 Staple Cartridges - 3,000 Staples Ea.

Price:  $34.89
Konica Minolta KM-3035 Staple Cartridge 3Pack - 15,000 Pages

Price:  $43.89
Kyocera Mita KM-3035 Staple Cartridge 3Pack (OEM) 5,000 Staples Ea.

Price:  $34.89
Kyocera Mita KM-3035 Staple Cartridge 3Pack - Type K (OEM) 5,000 Staples Ea.
Kyocera Mita 18 IN STOCK NOW

Price:  $57.89

Kyocera Mita KM-3035 Review


The Kyocera Mita KM-3035 is a multifunction machine developed by Kyocera Mita to handle high volume document production with its durable and hardy parts and components. The Kyocera Mita KM-3035 is also built to provide highly satisfactory performance that will surely make business and work group users want this sturdy yet smooth performer to take care of their document production needs, from printing to faxing documents with ease, comfort and cost-efficiency.


The Kyocera Mita KM-3035 is a desktop type multifunction system that uses the Kyocera Mita laser technology to handle print and copy functions. Output speeds can reach a maximum of 30 pages per minute (ppm) on A4 paper types and up to 20 ppm on A3. First copy results are blazing fast, able to produce one output in about 3.9 seconds or less, making the Kyocera Mita KM-3035 one of the fastest multifunction systems in the market. Warm up time are as impressive; considering that it is a multifunction device, the Kyocera Mita KM-3035 is ready for production in less than 25 seconds. For its print features, this multifunction system has eMPS, which is for quick copy, proof and hold, private print, storage and job management that can be incorporated with its hard disk. The Kyocera Mita KM-3035 also has 136 scalable PostScript fonts that allow versatility in every application, with emulation support featuring PCL6, KPDL3, Line Printer, IBM Printer and PDF direct print among others. 
For its copy function, the Kyocera Mita KM-3035 offers continuous copying from 1 to 999 copies, with a standard memory of 64 MB. Virtual memory space is also available through 20 GB HDD, which can be combined with its 64 MB memory to maximize handling complex and customized copying jobs. Maximum memory upgrade can reach up to 576 MB. Magnification presets are also available, with ratios amounting to 21 for reduction and 9 for enlargement. The Kyocera Mita KM-3035 copy function also has automatic and manual exposure handling, with image adjustments for text and photo separately and combined. Other digital features include interrupt copy, electronic sort, rotate sort, rotate copy, split copy, page numbering, mirror, margin shift, image centering and repeat copy among others. 
The Kyocera Mita KM-3035 runs with a PowerPC750 CX that has a 500 MHz capacity that enables this machine to produce results with impressive accuracy and consistency. 
The Kyocera Mita KM-3035 offers its single platform technology to handle document printing, exclusive from Kyocera Mita, which allows the same driver to be used for every KM device within a network, from desktop printers to multifunction systems. Other connectivity features include the standard high speed bi-directional parallel port IEEE 1284, USB 2.0, fast Ethernet 10/100 Base-TX, plus 2 KUIO-LV slots. The Kyocera Mita KM-3035 also has the MIC or Multiple Interface Connection, which enables simultaneous data transfer up to four interfaces, with each of them having their own virtual printer. 
Scan and fax functions are optional for the Kyocera Mita KM-3035, with its scan functionality having scan-to-PC, email and network TWAIN. Scan output speeds can be up to 50 originals per minute. Scan resolutions are 600 to 200 dpi, with 256 greyscale levels. Fax function features ITU-IT Super G3 modem with a maximum speed of 33.6 Kpbs. Transmission speeds can be as fast as 3 seconds or less, while standard memory is set at 4 MB that can be increased up to 8 MB. Fax features include network faxing, rotate transmission and duplex fax reception among others. 
Paper handling for the Kyocera Mita KM-3035 features an input capacity of 2 500-sheet universal paper cassettes, which can be increased to 4,200-sheet capacity by adding optional document finishers. For its output capacity, the Kyocera Mita KM-3035 has 250 sheets maximum. Duplexing capability is also a standard feature.



With its flexibility and abundance of features, it is hard to find a component of the Kyocera Mita KM-3035 not appealing. Some users might find its size an issue, but such is the case for a sturdy multifunction machine that is built to produce at a high volume rate. The only caveat for this multifunction printer is its lack of color output capability, which some multifunction in the market have.


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