December 11, 2013

11 Photography Tips From Real Photographers –

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By Janelle Sullivan

PhotographerHave you decided to pursue photography as a hobby or a profession? If so, I am sure you will hear all sorts of photography tips meant to enhance your capabilities. Listen to the advice and then filter out what works for you and your camera. Not everyone’s suggestions will be relevant to you and the pictures you want to take. I would like to offer you some photography tips from real photographers to help you on your way. Hopefully you will find some of the tips helpful. The outcome could be some incredible prints.

11 Tips for Beautiful Photos


  1. Know your camera. Whether you choose a film camera or a digital device, learn everything you can about the features your camera offers. It is easier to take excellent photos if your camera is so familiar to you that it has become an extension of your arm.

  3. Take pictures! I know this sounds silly but one of the best ways to become a top-notch photographer is to take a lot of pictures. Taking photos allows you to learn what works and what doesn’t. Even if you know exactly what you want to photograph you will want to experiment. Changing the time of day, the lighting, even the angle of the camera will change the outcome of your final prints.

  5. Dare to be different. Don’t make the mistake of trying to duplicate another photographer’s work. Use your own perspective when setting up and taking every picture. Your point of view will be unique to you and that will make your photos unique, as well.

  7. You can’t do it all at once. As you look at the pictures you have taken you will probably see room for improvement. This is normal. No one is born a photographer so expect a learning curve. Choose one aspect of your work at a time and look for ways to improve upon it. Once you have that aspect figured out then move on to something else. Don’t overwhelm yourself by tackling everything at once.

  9. Don’t try too hard. Especially when you’re taking pictures of people, forcing a pose or a certain look will result in a fake expression and a strained looking photo. Relax and recognize that the end result may not be what you were planning on but it can still be perfect. Children can be particularly difficult so try to make it a game.

  11. Carry your camera at all times. As your photography experience increases you will start to look at the world through the lens of your camera, even when your camera is not in your hand. Many of the best prints you will ever take will be spur of the moment shots. They won’t happen unless you have your camera with you.

  13. Keep on shooting! The more pictures you take at a time, the better the chances that you will wind up with an extraordinary shot.

  15. Experiment with shutter speed. A faster shutter speed will result in sharper images. If you are looking for a softer, blurred image try a slower shutter speed.

  17. Use a tripod. The stability of a tripod will result in clearer pictures. While you are learning, the increase in stability can be a real help.

  19. Learn about light. You can’t always depend on the weather to provide the perfect natural light. Take the time to learn what types of lighting will give you the results you are looking for. Natural light is great but you need a backup for those days that nature just won’t cooperate.

  21. Keep your equipment clean and in good repair. A dirty camera will not take good pictures. A broken camera will not take any pictures at all. If you want your camera to be good to you, be good to it.

I hope that some of these photography tips will assist you in your quest to be a truly exceptional photographer. I would like to add one final tip of my own; HAVE FUN!



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