March 10, 2014

12 Perfect Tools for Developing Color Palettes For Your Next Project –

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By Janelle Sullivan

color-paletteThere is a wide variety of Web tools available for use when you are planning the color palette for your next project. You may have a color scheme in your mind before you start, or you may not have a clue what direction you want to head in. Either way, I have found these web tools to be invaluable when I am trying out new color schemes or I am doing a job for someone with an unusual plan for a color scheme. I hope you find them to be helpful, too.

Color Blender

color-blenderColor Blender is an easy-to-manipulate tool that can help you choose color schemes for almost any purpose. You might be creating a typography project, planting a flower garden, or painting your bedroom. Whatever you are planning, this tool allows you to select a color and automatically get a color palette of complementary and contrasting colors.


pictaculousA color palette generator called Pictaculous makes it “ridiculously” easy to choose a color scheme that will work with your image. All you have to do is upload the image and the palette will be instantly created. This one is fun to play with, even just for kicks!


copasoCOPASO is an advanced color palette tool that may, at times, be more than you need. The good news is that this site also offers a more basic option if your color scheme is a bit simpler. There are several tools available to suit your needs.

Color Explorer

colorexplorerThis online toolbox has so many options for use when you are creating any graphic design, website, layout, or any other project that requires a beautiful color palette to look just right. Color Explorer gives you the option of importing colors from a photo if you are looking for the perfect match or the perfect contrast to complete your project.

Colors On The Web

colorsonthewebThe randomize feature of is one of my favorite options in Colors On The Web. You plug in your color and this color scheme tool will randomly select a scheme that you might not have come up with on your own.


colormunkiGo ahead, admit it: The name made you smile. It gives me a little grin every time I hear it. But a great name isn’t all Colormunki has going for it. This color palette tool can hold its own with its competitors. This tool even offers a training video to help you know all you need to know about colors.


0to2550to255 is a color palette tool that “cures your color manipulation woes.” Created by a Web designer who was looking for a simpler way to manipulate the colors being used in his designs, this tool is a time-saver.

Adobe Kuler

adobe-kulerThe use of a color wheel and several options to take advantage of in the creation of your color schemes make this tool a creator’s dream. You can a create of variety of choices with Adobe Kuler, from analogous to compound palettes, depending on the look you are hoping to create.


colorotateColorotate lets you have all of the fun of choosing the perfect assortment of colors,but it adds a unique twist: Your color manipulation can be done in 3D. This effect gives you a different perspective when you are selecting the colors for you creation.

Color Scheme Designer

color-scheme-designerEven if you are not a designer or an artist, Color Scheme Designer has some interesting tools. You can even take a look at colors and see how they would look to someone suffering from colorblindness. This site also shows a color wheel marked with the ranges of warm and cool colors.

Color Palette FX

color-palette-fxSo many sites offer the ability to create a color scheme or palette that I find myself looking to see what makes a site different from all of the others. Color Palette FX offers the basics, but I particularly like the feature that shows you a list of fine art and craft supplies that are typically available in a certain color. The artist in me really likes this idea.


colrdCOLRD is a color tool that wants to educate you. There is an assortment of articles designed to add to your knowledge of colors, and using COLRD, you can create and share your inspiration with others.
Whatever online tool you might choose to assist you in your design process, it will likely help you get the job done. So I advise you to check them out when you have a little time to play around with the features they offer and choose what works best for you. I am sure you will find a couple of favorites. I know you would all be surprised to know that I used one of these great tools to help me make a color wheel out of cupcakes. Yes, I am a bit obsessed!


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