November 27, 2013

6 Unreal Nature Photos that Look Like They Were Taken on Avatar’s Pandora –

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By Janelle Sullivan


Have you seen the movie Avatar? Maybe it is because of my passion for photography but I love to watch science fiction/fantasy movies. The artistry involved in creating the fantasy worlds always amazes me. Avatar took place on the imaginary but beautiful planet called Pandora. If you saw the movie, you must have noticed how incredible the scenery was. It was dramatic, surreal and amazing. It doesn’t require going to a fantasy movie to see such gorgeous photography. We have some examples of nature photos here on Earth that would rival anything seen on Pandora.
I have gathered some of my favorite nature photos to share with you. I hope you will be as amazed as I am by these awesome examples of the real world.


Big BendLook at this amazing shot of Horseshoe Bend in Arizona. This stunning body of water is a turnabout of the Colorado River. The lookout points allow you to snap the entirety of the bend, as long as you use a wide angle lens. This photograph was most likely taken between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM when the natural light allows a deeper view of the canyon. This river bend has a surreal look that has a fantasy feel. Perhaps a river on Pandora.



TreesThis photo is not a rendition of a tourist attraction, but a chance shot taken in someone’s back yard. The photographer had a fire burning in the yard and looked up to see the light filtering through the smoke. Beauty is found in some of the most ordinary places. I can imagine the Avatar looking up to see a similar sight whilst sitting by the fire.



Mossbrae FallsMossbrae Falls is located in Sacramento California and is touted as one of California’s most scenic waterfalls. The falls start far up in the mountains, but due to the lush plant life, seem to suddenly appear from the side of the mountain. The falls are about 150 feet long and offer many amazing photo opportunities. Imagine the wonderful creatures that would be found amongst the plants on Pandora.



SunsetSunrise, with all of the magnificent colors involved, always leads to great pictures. This photo of a sunrise over Geneva, with its fiery yellows and gold’s is no exception. It is easy to imagine the poisonous to humans atmosphere of Pandora roiling like fire.



RootsThis photo depicts the sprawling tree roots and the ever growing moss that covers them. It is beautiful in its simplicity and has a fantasy feel to it. I can imagine the ground on a science fiction planet looking just like this.



VolcanoNothing is so mysterious as the molten lava erupting from an active volcano. Every sci-fi or fantasy movie has a spot where an image like this could feel at home.

So, the moral of the story is, I am a science fiction aficionado with a crazy love for photography. I look at the world with the lens of my camera and sometimes see things differently than many other people. I hope you enjoy these photos. I have had fun finding pictures from nature, both real and incredible, and imagining them in one of my favorite fantasy movies.



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