December 23, 2013

7 Weather Photographs That Will Leave Your Jaw on the Floor –

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By Janelle Sullivan

I love to take pictures. It seems that I can find a photo opportunity just about anywhere. My favorite are the spontaneous moments that take no time to set up. Those moments when the perfect shot is right there in front of you. This is why I always have my camera with me and as ready to shoot as possible. I wanted to share some incredible photography with you that I cannot take credit for, but are definitely examples of the perfect picture at the perfect time.
Each of the following is a purely natural photo taken of some weather phenomenon, as it was occurring. There was no computer graphics or special lighting available at the moment these pictures were taken. They are the work of amazing photographers with an eye for the beauty of nature. They are, truly, examples of jaw dropping photography. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


I love lightning shots. They never cease to amaze me. The strength and beauty shaded with a little bit of fear makes lightning a great photo opportunity. This shot looks like a lightning tree growing out of a city skyline. Just beautiful!



This photo is of an interesting phenomenon called a Severn Bore. This unusually high tidal surge occurs in the Bristol Channel and has the look and sound of a small tsunami.



This photo is of a super cell tornado rotation in Texas in 2011. A storm chaser was able to snap this picture and still make it to safety. I see an amazing combination of fury and beauty in this one frame. I am in awe of those brave enough to pursue such severe weather photography.





I don’t where this photo was taken but it is an amazing capture. You are seeing a lava eruption and the cloud that was produced by the heat. This is an example of photography in the moment.


In my opinion, there is no more amazing sight than the Northern Lights. I hope each of you have the opportunity to see them once in your life. This photo is a stunning portrayal of the beauty of this phenomenon. While this is not really severe weather photography it is, without a doubt, gorgeous.


What a beautiful, in the moment shot of fall and winter meeting for the first time. The ice encases the leaf perfectly, as though it were meant to be.


Monsoon clouds that look like a field of cotton meant to tickle you toes. Fluffy and light, yet capable of producing devastating rains.
I could list amazing photos for you to look at all day long. Severe weather photography can be beautiful with an edge of danger. Every photographer is capable of a “wow worthy” weather picture. Just remember to stay safe while you are trying for that perfect photo. If the situation is dangerous, the most amazing shot in the world is not worth the risk. Remember that not every picture has to be extreme. Some of the smallest beauty can be awesome. A snowflake, for instance or a shot like the leaf encased in ice that I showed you above, are great examples. Stay safe and happy snapping!


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