December 4, 2013

Meet Janelle Sullivan –

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Janelle Sullivan

So Who is Janelle Sullivan Anyway?

Janelle Sullivan is an arts advisor, blogger and writer for our content development team here at


Janelle’s interest in visual arts became apparent at an early age. Instead of playing with toys, Janelle often preferred coloring and finger painting. By the third grade Janelle had won her first art contest and the rest is history.


Born and raised in the heart of the Midwest, Janelle called Omaha, Nebraska her home through to the end of her high school years. After graduating and on the eve of the new millennium, she traveled to San Francisco, California to pursue an education, life and career in what she loved most: art.


Janelle spent the next five years gaining an education and hands-on experience in various art disciplines. Eventually, she even opened her own art gallery in a small city storefront while renting the studio apartment above.


After parting ways with her gallery, she moved to the Los Angeles area for a business opportunity and spent her free time writing for a local art publication.


Today Janelle resides in San Diego where she spends her free time in her private art studio. Here, she works on her personal hobbies which include painting, sketching, typography and photography.


Her other interests include the literary arts; she is an avid writer, literature enthusiast and self proclaimed bookworm.

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