January 31, 2014

Why Painting More is the Secret Ingredient to Getting Attention –

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By Janelle Sullivan

If you are an aspiring artist, you have probably learned how difficult it is to achieve fame. To me, my art is very personal. When I started painting, it was painful to me if everyone wasn’t as excited about my work as I was. I realized, eventually, that if I was happy with what I produced, it didn’t matter what anyone else thought. I will never be Georgia O’Keefe and I am OK with that. That being said, many artists never acquire the fame they hope for in their lifetime – not even Van Gogh – but, let’s see if we can come up with a method to get some extra attention.

How can I get noticed?

In order to have your work seen by the “right people” you have to get out there and make connections. Go to art studios and talk to the owners, and the customers, if the owners will allow it. Go to every art show you can find. Look at the work that is being sold at these shows. I will never suggest you change your style of painting just to make people buy your work. Your art should be an extension of you, and you should always stay true to who you are; but, being aware of what is being created and what sells in a certain area can help you find the right spot for your artwork.

Paint more!!!!

The best way to get attention for your painting is to paint. The more you paint, the more places your work will be. The more places you have your work, the more people who will see that work. Those are the people who will recognize your style and your name. Participate in local art shows, not just in your hometown, branch out a bit. Show diverse examples of your work, but let your distinct artistic style show through. It might be worthwhile to offer a painting to a newly opened local business, or volunteer to paint a mural at a shelter or day care center. Have a few paintings set aside that can be used to raise money for a good cause in your hometown.
Paint, paint, and paint some more! If possible set up your supplies and paint in a public place, where you will be seen by others. A relaxing day in the park could turn into a networking bonanza if you are seen by someone who has an interest in what you are painting. Chat with the people who pass by, so they will remember who you are later. You want to be remembered as the artist, not just as that painter in the park.
Maybe you want to be the next Rembrandt, painting works of art that everyone will recognize, hopefully while you are alive. Or maybe you hope to achieve a smaller, more local sort of fame, where you become the go to person when local talent is needed for an event. There is another choice, and that is to paint because you love it and don’t worry about getting attention. But let’s face it, artists want their work to be admired and respected. I know I do!


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