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7 Products for the Sharp AL-1655CS Laser Printer
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Sharp AL-1655CS Drum Unit - 18000 Pages (Sharp AL1655CS Drum)
  OVER 50

Price:  $60.89
Product Description
Sharp AL-1655CS Drum Unit - 18000 Pages (Sharp AL1655CS Drum)
This Drum is designed for Use in any of the Following Printers:

AL-1655, AL-1655CS

This drum is good for printing 18000 pages. Page Yield is based on an average of 5% page coverage. (standard printer manufacturer term)

This product comes with a 6 month Warranty against any defects (including free replacement). We stand behind our products 100%, as these are not manufactured by Sharp.

What's the difference between a drum and a toner cartridge? A toner cartridge is just that: a cartridge that contains toner. The drum does all the work.

Product Manuals
Sharp AL-1655CS - Drum Cartridge Replacement

Drum cartridges are replaced in a similar way as the toner cartridges for this machine are. A message reading A DRUM CARTRIDGE WILL BE NEEDED SOON will appear on the machine’s screen when it is almost time to replace the cartridge. The cartridge can be replaced at any time when this happens, or when the REPLACE THE DRUM CARTRIDGE message appears.

Begin drum replacement by pressing the OPEN button on the side panel to open it, then drop open the front panel. Remove the toner cartridge in the way described in the toner replacement procedure but DO NOT discard the cartridge unless it is empty. Instead, place it in a dark area on a disposable piece of paper.

With the toner cartridge removed, pull the old drum unit out of the machine by its handle. Open the new cartridge and be sure to remove the protective cover from the cartridge. It can then be slid into the machine, followed by the toner cartridge. Close the front cover, then the side cover. It is important to close them in the correct order or damage may occur. When the drum indicator light goes out, the copy machine is ready to be used.

When do I Replace a Drum Unit in the Sharp AL-1655CS Digital Multifunctional System?
The Drum Unit installed in your Sharp AL-1655CS Digital Multifunctional System has a certain lifecycle, after the end of which, it must be replaced with a new one. When the drum unit is close to the end of its printing resource, you will see the following message ``A DRUM CARTRIDGE WILL BE NEEDED SOON`` on your printer`s display and the ``DRUM REPLACEMENT REQUIRED ERROR`` indicator will be on (without blinking). Soon after the above message the drum unit will be completely exhausted, and you will see the following message ``REPLACE THE DRUM CARTRIDGE`` on your AL-1655CS` display. Additionally, the ``DRUM REPLACEMENT REQUIRED ERROR`` indicator will start blinking. Please note, that all printing operations will be disabled/blocked in the above situation. Herein, you must replace the exhausted drum unit with a new one.
Sharp AL-1655CS Printer Drum and (2) Toner Cartridges Combo
  OVER 50

Price:  $205.89
Sharp AL-1655CS Toner Cartridge -6000Pages (Sharp AL1655CS Toner
  OVER 50

Price:  $77.89
Sharp AL-1655CS Toner Cartridges 5Pack - 6,000 Pages Ea.
  OVER 50

Price:  $369.90
Sharp AL-1655CS Toner Cartridge (OEM) 6,000 Pages

Price:  $115.89
Sharp AL-1655CS Developer Refill Bottle - 18,000 Pages

Price:  $14.89
Sharp AL-1655CS Upper Fuser Roller Bushing

Price:  $11.89

About My Sharp AL-1655CS Multifunction Printer

Pages Per Minute
Cost of Consumables
Printer Resolution
Based Off 2504 Similar Printers

Sharp AL-1655CS Review


The Sharp AL-1655CS is a multifunctional desktop copy machine that, while covering all its bases as far as printing, copying, and scanning functionality, does not excel in any one area, and is an overall mediocre piece of hardware that is best suited for an individual user with moderate copy and print demands.


The Sharp AL-1655CS is a capable all around desktop copy machine, regardless of its many limitations. The unit is in fact not equipped with a fax modem, placing it in the 3 in 1 category. It is equipped with a 30 page automatic document feeder which is a welcome addition considering the ramifications that an ADF bring. With the ability to automatically load up to 30 pages of input material for scanning and copying, users will save countless moments of hand feeding time, though using the flip top document glass is always an option.

Paper storage consists of two individual feeders. A 250 sheet tray is the printer’s main storage supply and can hold standard paper sizes such as Letter and Legal, while a 50 sheet bypass tray is perfect for special media types of all kinds including card stock, transparencies, and envelopes. Both the automatic document feeder and the bypass tray can handle documents as little in size as 3.5 x 5.5 inches. The standard paper tray can also accept small sizes, but not thicker note cards.


Its not necessarily one particular area that the Sharp AL-1655CS really fails in, but more its overall mediocrity that makes it an undesirable piece of equipment. The device’s optical scan resolution of 600 x 1200 dots per inch is perfectly acceptable for a device in this category, but why is its interpolated resolution limited to only 2400 x 2400 dots per inch? Admittedly, the more common 9600 x 9600 dot per inch enhanced scan resolution that is most commonly seen is rarely taken advantage of in the real world, but it is still always nice to have the option to make an ultra high res scan.

The device’s copy speed of only 16 pages per minute ensures that it is significantly slower than its counterparts found on shelves today, and its print speed also tops out at only 16 ppm. Print resolution is also not great and is selectable up to 600 x 600 dots per inch. While this resolution is by no means inexcusable, it ensures that image printing and copying will execute with less than outstanding results and that the machine is best suited to handle plain black and white text.

Multiple users have reported that the Sharp AL-1655CS is of cheap design and is just plain flimsy. Regardless of its on paper specifications, it is prone to paper jams and is unreliable. The printer was designed with a low price point in mind, and did deliver when it came to affordability, but new technology has made the laser multifunctional printer much less expensive and buyers would certainly be best off looking at current models instead of bargain hunting for refurbished old units such as the Sharp AL-1655CS.


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