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6 Products for the Xerox 5820 Printer
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Xerox 5820 Toner Cartridge 2Pack (OEM) 10,000 Pages Ea.

Price:  $30.89
Product Description
Xerox 5820 OEM Toner Cartridge 2Pack - 10,000 Pages Ea.

The page yield for this toner cartridge is 10000 pages. Nearly all printer manufacturers base their ink/toner cartridge yields on 5% page coverage.

This OEM toner cartridge is produced by Xerox for use in your Printer. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer - these products are an official, "premium" alternative to remanufactured and compatible laser toner cartridges.

Product Manuals
How to Install a Copy Cartridge in the Xerox 5820 Copier
You must start the copy cartridge replacement procedure in your Xerox 5820 Copier by removing the bypass tray and opening the toner access door. Then, you must unlatch the developer module by pulling down its green handle/lever to unlatched position, and once it is unlatched, you must take the developer module out of the copier by pulling it towards you. Now, you must remove the exhausted copy cartridge by grasping its green handle and pulling it towards you. After that, you must align the new copy cartridge with the copier in such way, so the arrows of the cartridge are pointing into the copier and the locating tabs of the cartridge protective tray are against the edge of the copier. Once the new copy cartridge is correctly aligned with the copier, you must insert it into the copier by placing your fingertips on the green areas of the cartridge and quickly pushing it until it stops into place, and then you must remove the protective tray from the cartridge. You must make sure that the white guide tabs of the copy cartridge are not visible, and if they are, you must push the cartridge further into the copier. In the next step of the copy cartridge replacement procedure, you must return the developer module to its original place by making sure that its green handle is still in unlatched position and then pushing it into the copier until it stops. Finally, you must push the green developer module handle/lever to latched/locked position, close the toner access door, and return the bypass paper tray of your Xerox 5820 Copier to its original position.
How to Install a Staple Cartridge in the Xerox 5820 Copier
If your Xerox 5820 Copier is equipped with a convenience stapler and the staple cartridge is exhausted, you must follow the below procedure to replace it with a new staple cartridge.

Initially, you must open the convenience stapler cover and rotate down the green wire clip holding the exhausted staple cartridge until it is in front of the cartridge. Then, you will be able to remove the empty staple cartridge, but do not remove any remaining (if available) staples from the cartridge. Once the old/exhausted staple cartridge is removed, you must prepare the new cartridge by removing its pull tab and then make sure that all staple sheets are correctly positioned (no staple sheets partially out) into the new staple cartridge. After the above new staple cartridge preparation, you must insert the cartridge into the stapler, but make sure the green wire clip is pushed back in and snaps into position. Finally, you can close the convenience staple cover and test your Xerox 5820 Copier.
How to Install a Toner Cartridge in the Xerox 5820 Copier
Initially, you must detach the bypass tray from the right side of your Xerox 5820 Copier and open the right side cover. Then, you must pull out the catch tray, but slide a sheet of paper under before touching it and be careful not to tip the catch tray. Now, you must unlatch the exhausted toner cartridge by rotating it down and pulling it out of the copier in direction towards you. After that, you must prepare the new toner cartridge by shaking it at least 20-25 times and then remove the protective rubber band. Once the cartridge is prepared, you must align its stamped arrow with the green label of the copier (J2) and push the cartridge in while slowly rotating it up. When the new cartridge is in place, you can return the catch tray to its original position (it will click in place). Finally, you must return the bypass paper tray to the right side of your Xerox 5820 Copier and close the front cover.
Xerox 5820 Toner Cartridge 2Pack - 10,000 Pages Ea.

Price:  $66.89
Xerox 5820 Copy Cartridge (OEM) 10,000 Pages

Price:  $177.89
Xerox 5820 - Lower Pressure Roller

Price:  $16.89
Xerox 5820 Staple Cartridge 3Pack - 5,000 Staples Ea.

Price:  $36.89
Xerox 5820 Staple Cartridge 3Pack (OEM) 5000 Staples Ea.

Price:  $32.89

Xerox 5820 Review


The Xerox 5820 is a standard copier that comes with the light lens xerographic technology. There have so many businesses that have fallen or have been pushed aside just because they had the worse of print out quality and output however; the Xerox 5820 has made everything different now. With regards to the best performance and skill not forgetting over print out quality, the Xerox 5820 can never be sidelined which is why it has become very popular. There are so many functions that come with the Xerox 5820 that makes it a unique product which is why there are so many people who do not take it for granted. The reliable, easy-to-use Xerox 5820 provides a wealth of powerful features that will help you make fast work of virtually all your copying jobs. Whether for heavy print out jobs or lighter ones or even small or large work groups and businesses, the Xerox 5820 can never fail and has never failed. Anyone can count on the Xerox 5820 for total best and also performance.


With the Xerox 5820, you get the best copy print outs with first copy out time in 6.5 seconds.
The Xerox 5820 is rated at copy speed of up to 21 pages per minute which makes it one of the very best if you are really concerned about productivity.
The Xerox 5820’s paper handling for maximum paper capacity with options is 3,320 sheets to ensure that; users have no issues with paper handling.
The Xerox 5820 has paper sources of 4 standard including bypass trays with standard paper capacity of 920 sheets.
The Xerox 5820 features an enhanced image control that can deliver excellent copy quality even from hard-to-copy photos and colored paper stocks.
Xerox 5820 comes with standard two-sided copying technology which makes it fun to use.
Xerox 5820 provides users with some of the best Input, Output, and Finishing features to diversify use and make users have variety when using.
The Standard Duplex Automatic Document Feeder of 40 sheets that comes with the Xerox 5820 can ensure that you are never left alone with any paper.
Although the Xerox 5820 provides users with many standard features, there are also optional features like the 10-bin Sorter (40 sheets per bin) and also the 10-bin Sorter with Convenience Stapler (40 sheets per bin).
The Xerox 5820’s security standard electronic auditron accommodates 300 accounts which is very huge and can be used by so many people with no one crying foul.


Many users have complained about the many optional features that come with the Xerox 5820 which makes it lacking in some way if you do not have it.
Also, other users have complained about difficulty in using the Xerox 5820 effectively like they would want to.
Xerox 5820’s security features can be very confusing to manipulate if you do not have some knowledge about printers and IT in general.

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