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9 Products for the Toshiba e-Studio 352 Laser Printer
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Toshiba E-Studio 352 Toner Cartridge - 18,000 Pages
  OVER 50

Price:  $34.89
Product Description
Toshiba E-Studio 352 Toner Cartridge - 18,000 Pages

This laser printer toner cartridge prints 18000 pages, which is more than the standard offering by Toshiba. Pages estimated averaged at 5% page coverage (5% of the page is covered by ink). NOTE: Nearly all printer manufacturers (including Toshiba) base their ink/toner cartridge yields on 5% page coverage.

This product comes with a 6 month Warranty against any defects (including free replacement). We stand behind our products 100%, as these are not manufactured by Toshiba.

Product Manuals
Toshiba E-Studio 352 - Replacing a Toner Cartridge

When it is time to replace the toner cartridge in the machine due to a complete toner outage, the printer will notify you with a REPLACE TONER CARTRIDGE message on the LCD readout, and eventually cease to operate completely until the cartridge is changed. Unlike some Toshiba copy machines, the Toshiba E-Studio 352 can have its toner cartridge and waste toner receptacle changed separately.

Leave the Toshiba E-Studio 352 on when installing, and begin by opening the front cover of the unit. The cover will swing open to the right. Under the front cover, the toner cartridge will be easily visible under a LIGHT GREEN toner cap. This additional cover can be opened by pressing its release tab, thus freeing the toner cartridge which can now be removed.

Pull the old toner cartridge directly out of the machine and deposit it in a recycle bin or recycle it through a toner cartridge recycling program. Before installing the new toner cartridge, it must be SHAKEN THOROUGHLY up and down to distribute and loosen the toner inside. Doing this will ensure the maximum life of the toner.

A pull tab on the cartridge but be removed to unseal the toner cartridge. Pull the tab in the direction of the BLUE ARROW that is printed on it. The cartridge can now be slid into the machine with the colored cover face up and the toner cap closed. The front panel of the printer can now be closed and it will automatically become ready for use.

Toshiba E-Studio 352 - Using the Main Copy Interface

The LCD screen helps users to gather data regarding their copy settings. The most frequently used pieces of information are found on the front screen of the LCD. The date and time can be found in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Just under the date and time is a blank area that is reserved for display messages.

If you look to the top left hand corner, you will see a percentage. This number represents the enlargement/reduction level of the upcoming project. When this is set at 100%, an exact sized copy will be made. The number next to the zoom percentage is the quantity of upcoming copies.

Five tab buttons, including BASIC, IMAGE, EDIT, E-FILING/FILE, and SETTINGS can be found on the screen. These tabs can be used to access the more specific options of the unit. The default tab is the BASIC tab, and will be in reverse type when on the home screen.

Adding Paper to the Toshiba E-Studio 352

Before adding paper to the Toshiba E-Studio 352, be sure to fan and bend reams of paper to separate each individual page properly. When one of the device’s paper drawers has run completely empty, you will receive a message on the LCD screen indicating exactly which drawer. Each drawer can also be physically examined for their current paper content.

To slide open a paper drawer, find the recessed area on the drawer that acts as a handle and pull it straight away from the printer. Paper should be examined to make sure that there are NO CREASES in any of the sheets, as even a single creased of folded sheet could result in a paper jam inside the unit.

Paper height guides can be found on the sides of each drawer indicating the maximum amount of paper that can be inserted into the drawer. Do not attempt to overfill any drawer as this will result in a paper jam. Once the drawer is closed, it can be used within a few seconds.

Toshiba e-Studio 352 Toner Cartridge (OEM) 18,000 Pages
Toshiba 10 IN STOCK NOW

Price:  $31.89
Toshiba e-Studio 352 OPC Drum

Price:  $79.89
Toshiba e-Studio 352 OEM Toner Disposal Bag 4Pack
Toshiba 4 IN STOCK NOW

Price:  $16.89
Toshiba e-Studio 352 Staple Cartridge 3Pack - 3,000 Staples Ea.

Price:  $42.89
Toshiba e-Studio 352 Offset Tray (OEM)

Price:  $199.89
Toshiba e-Studio 352 OEM Staple Cartridges *Compatibility Depends on Finisher*
Toshiba 34 IN STOCK NOW

Price:  $87.89
Toshiba e-Studio 352 Staple Cartridge 3Pack (OEM) 2,000 Staples Ea.
Toshiba OVER 50

Price:  $34.89
Toshiba e-Studio 352 Finisher with Stapling Console (OEM)

Price:  $1,789.89

Toshiba E-Studio 352 Review


With a lineup of possible add on hardware and built in features such as personal e filing, the Toshiba E-Studio 352 is a multifunctional center that is capable of handling all types of small office document processing needs. This 2006 model has seemingly barely aged a day with its hefty duty cycle and easy to use touch screen.


The Toshiba E-Studio 352’s greatest asset is its versatility. The unit can print, copy, and fax at a professional level, but its copy features are outstanding. A 120,000 copy per month duty cycle means that the unit can withstand almost any small office’s work demands, while its PM cycle and drum life are designed to match this figure exactly for convenience.

The unit warms up quick no matter what its intended operation is and can be ready to run after only 20 seconds. First copy out times of less than 4 seconds make the device great for quick, single page reproductions and enormous copy jobs alike. When intending to make copies of a large amount of input, the unit’s automatic document feeder is a lifesaver.

Multiple copies can be made from a single source in quantities of up to 999 at a time. Paper refill cycles will remain long with this machine thanks to a standard paper storage supply of 1,200 sheets that breaks down into two 550 sheet trays and an additional 100 sheet multi purpose bypass tray (for special media types). Additional storage options include a 550 sheet PFP, an additional standard 550 sheet cassette, and an extra large 2,500 sheet large capacity feeder.

While faxing is not the Toshiba E-Studio 352’s front running hardware function, it should be noted that a full and complete set of fax functions is incorporated into the device and are made possible by the unit’s Super G3 33.6 Kbps fax modem that helps the unit send and receive data at a rate of about 2 seconds per page. Users are not even required to deal in hard copies when using the fax line thanks to PC and Network fax functions.

When using the ADF, scan speeds can be as high as 50 originals per minute, making the unit easily one of the fastest scanners out there, even today. This speed is only attainable at lower quality settings, but the loss of performance at higher resolutions is minimal.


The Toshiba E-Studio 352’s 35 page per minute print speed is far from atrocious, but still cannot compete with some of the models Toshiba is putting out today in the same category. Its old age peeks through in various other areas of weakness as well such as limited reduction and enlargement ratios, a slightly heavy body, and an older looking touch screen.

Scanning is another area that leaves users scratching their head as far as why it is so limited. A 600 dot per inch maximum optical scan quality? That means that not only scans, but copies as well will be limited in their polish, and could look grainy under certain circumstances. Fortunately, the severely reduced price of the unit due to how old it is makes it a great buy even today.


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