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7 Products for the Xerox XC1040 Laser Printer
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Xerox XC1040 / XC 1040 Toner Cartridge - 4000Pages
  OVER 50

Price:  $62.89
Product Description
Xerox XC1040 / XC 1040 Toner Cartridge - 4000Pages

This Toner Cartridge prints 4000 pages with an average 5% page coverage. The amount of pages can vary depending upon the amount of ink printed onto each page. (5% page coverage is a standard Xerox specification)

This product comes with a 6 month Warranty against any defects (including free replacement). We stand behind our products 100%, as these are not manufactured by Xerox.

Why toner? Why not call it ink? Regular ink dries quickly, which is why cartridges for inkjet printers do not last long. Laser Printers use toner, which is ink in the form of powder. A sealed toner cartridge can be stored for 2+ years prior to usage.

Product Manuals
When do I Replace a Toner Cartridge in the Xerox XC1040 Laser Printer?
The black toner cartridge installed in your Xerox XC1040 Laser Printer is a consumable, user-replaceable component. The lifespan of the installed toner cartridge depends on various factors, such as the documents type, printing environment, and printing patterns. For example, the installed toner cartridge will yield more pages if you select the Toner Save exposure setting. Leaving the copier on during the day also helps conserving toner. Please be aware that the useful life of the installed toner cartridge will be noticeably shorter if:
You leave the document cover open while copying
Humidity is too high
You switch the machine on and off unnecessarily/excessively
The installed toner cartridge should be replaced when any of the listed and explained indications appears.
The [Add Toner] indicator on the control panel is lit – The installed toner cartridge has reached near the end of its useful life. You should replace the installed toner cartridge if the printouts/copies are too light.
The [Add Toner] indicator flashes – The Xerox XC1040 Laser Printer cannot print or copy because the installed toner cartridge is empty. Please install a new toner cartridge.
The Xerox XC1040 Laser Printer takes longer than usual to start copying/printing
The status code [CH] is displayed – The Xerox XC1040 Laser Printer does not detect an installed toner cartridge. You must make sure that the toner cartridge is installed in accordance with instructions provided in ‘’How to Install a Toner Cartridge in the Xerox XC1040 Laser Printer’’. Please replace the installed toner cartridge if the problem persists.
How to Install a Toner Cartridge in the Xerox XC1040 Laser Printer
Initially, you must push down the release lever that is located on the front side of the Xerox XC1040 Laser Printer, and completely open the upper section. After that, you must remove the used toner cartridge by sliding it towards you while pressing the green release lever, and then take the new toner cartridge out of the protective bag. Now, you must redistribute the toner by shaking the new toner cartridge several times horizontally, and then remove the plastic cover from the toner roller of the new component. Once you have removed the plastic cover, you must slide the new toner cartridge along the guides of the slot until it clicks into place, and then finalize the replacement procedure by closing the upper section of your Xerox XC1040 Laser Printer.
Xerox XC1040 Toner Cartridge (OEM)

Price:  $142.89
Xerox XC1040 Toner Cartridge 5Pack - 4,000 Pages Ea.

Price:  $298.89
Xerox XC1040 / XC 1040 Drum - 12,000 Pages

Price:  $134.89
Xerox XC1040 OPC Drum

Price:  $52.89
Xerox XC1040 Drum Cleaning Blade (OEM)

Price:  $15.89
Xerox XC1040 ADF Paper Feed Roller

Price:  $11.89

Xerox XC1040 Review


There’s an old saying “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. If something has been reliable and there’s no need to have any extra bells and whistles, why dump it for something with a shorter lifespan? The Xerox XC1040 is an older copier that can still find work as a personal or office machine.


The XC1040 uses a stationary 8.5” x 14” platen for scanning instead of a sliding platform to keep its footprint no bigger than its physical size.  Unlike the XC1044, the 43-pound XC1040 has two fixed side trays: the 100-sheet output tray and a 50-sheet multi-purpose tray. This expands the XC1040’s footprint another 8 inches to 37” x 20.5”.

The control panel on the XC1040 is straightforward with indicators and keys for intuitive control and conditions of the copier. To isolate an error, locate an empty tray, or paper jam, the panel includes a diagram of the copier with LED indicators to indicate the area that requires attention.

The XC1040 has a paper tray capable of holding up to 250 sheets paper. Paper sizes range from 5.5” x 8.5”, to legal size with bond weights varying from 15# to 24# in the main tray, up to 34# in the multi-purpose bypass tray for transparencies, labels, post cards, and envelopes. Copiers of this type tend to be very sensitive and jam with paper that has been previously opened and sitting in a humid environment. You also might want to avoid the thinner, cheaper copier papers.

Up to 100 copies can be made of a single sided original, printing at 10 pages per minute. Copies can be adjusted 70% to 141% of the original, in 1% increments or in 6 jumps. Copy quality can be set either manually, automatic adjustment of contrast, text or photo priority. The Toner Save feature is best used for draft copies and not for finished product. The XC offers “Book Mode” copying: by laying a book open with its fold lined up with the centerpoint of the platen, the copier will automatically scan each page separately.

There’s nothing more frustrating than when you rush to a copier to make a single copy only to realize that the copier is making 20 enlarged copies because the previous user forgot to reset the settings (also known as “Leaving the toilet seat up”). Fortunately, Xerox realized this and the XC 1040 will reset all setting to it programmed defaults after 1 minute of inactivity (now if we can only do something like that for toilet seats).

Compared to new copiers, this 1998 model uses considerably less power. In standby the XC1040 only consumes only 35 watts of power, compared to today’s copiers and printers.


The hinged lid is the most abused part of these desktop copiers. Most people when copying a book try to press the lid to flatten the book, unaware that the lid is designed to be removed. A simple warning label placed on the lid could reduce the number of broken hinges.

Compared to today’s copiers and printers, the XC1040 shows its age with a slow 10 pages per minute copy speed. While 10 ppm B&W prints was impressive in the 1990’s, today’s color inkjets and lasers have twice the XC1040’s speed.

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