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6 Products for the Dell 1815n Laser Printer
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Toner Cartridge - Dell 1815N Laser Printer (5000 Pages)
  OVER 50

Price:  $26.89
Product Description
Toner Cartridge for Dell 1815N Laser Printer

This laser printer toner cartridge prints 5000 pages, which is more than the standard offering by Dell. Pages estimated averaged at 5% page coverage (5% of the page is covered by ink). NOTE: Nearly all printer manufacturers (including Dell) base their ink/toner cartridge yields on 5% page coverage.

This product comes with a 6 month Warranty against any defects (including free replacement). We stand behind our products 100%, as these are not manufactured by Dell.

Product Manuals
When do I Replace a Toner Cartridge in the Dell Black & White 1815N Laser Printer?
There are several messages which will be displayed by the built-in monitoring system of your Dell Black & White 1815N Laser Printer on the control LCD, when a new toner cartridge must be installed. All of these messages are listed and described below.

 ''No Cartridge <> Load Cartridge'' – The toner cartridge is missing, or it is incorrectly installed. Please reinstall the toner cartridge. You must install a new toner cartridge, if this error message is still appearing after the correct re-installation.

 ''Ready-toner 7% <> TONER LOW'' – The remaining toner in the installed toner cartridge is less than 7%. Therefore, you should install a new toner cartridge soon after the initial appearance of this advance notification.

 ''Ready-toner 0% <> Toner Empty'' – This is an error message, which indicates that all print operations have been suspended due to a completely exhausted toner cartridge. You must install a new toner cartridge, in order to restore the normal/full functionality of your Dell Black & White 1815N Laser Printer.
How to Install a Toner Cartridge in the Dell Black & White 1815N Laser Printer
Initially, you must open the front cover of your Dell Black & White 1815N Laser Printer. Then, you must remove the exhausted toner cartridge from the laser printer by grabbing its handle and pulling straight towards you. Now, you must take the new toner cartridge out of the transport packaging, and then shake the new consumable component at least 10 times from side to side. Please avoid touching the green surface of the photoconductive drum, which is located on the underside of the new toner cartridge. Once the new toner cartridge is prepared, you must slide it along the guides of the slot until it clicks securely into place. Finally, you must close the front cover and test your Dell Black & White 1815N Laser Printer. Please note that you will have to perform the included below drum cleaning procedure, if any print quality issues (streaks, spots, etc..) are reappearing on the newly printed documents.

Drum Cleaning Procedure

1. Load paper in the paper tray.
2. Navigate to [Menu] by pressing [>] several times, and then press the confirmation button.
3. Navigate to [Maintenance] by pressing [>] several times, and then press the confirmation button.
4. Select [Clean Drum] by pressing the confirmation button twice – A cleaning page will be printed.
5. Repeat step 3 and 4 several times, in order the photoconductive drum to be optimally cleaned.
Dell 1815N Toner Cartridge -manufactured by Dell (3000 Pages)

Price:  $140.89
Dell 1815N MICR Toner For Printing Checks - 5,000 Pages
  OVER 50

Price:  $64.89
Dell 1815N Fuser Maintenance Kit (OEM)

Price:  $298.89
Dell 1815N Lever M Acuator (OEM)

Price:  $13.89
Dell 1815N Cassette Separation Pad (OEM)

Price:  $51.89

DELL 1815N Review


The DELL 1815N is your run of the mill multifunctional device from Dell. Its built in networking ability make it great for sharing among many users, but its lack of stand out features make it easy for it to get lost in the crowd.


The DELL 1815N’s print speed, though not top of the line, is acceptable at 27 pages per minute. At this speed, most users will not have a problem getting the results they need out of the device in the time they need it. Print resolution tops out at only 600 x 600 dots per inch, making the device less than ideal for image printing and more prone to simple monochrome document handling.

The device’s PC faxing functionality is exceptional, allowing users to forward faxes by way of e mail. Even when PC faxing is incorporated into a unit, it is often not fully functional and many times cannot be used with a network. This makes the DELL 1815N a great choice for those who would like to use their desktop to handle their fax needs as opposed to a stand alone machine.

With a 50 page capacity document feeder, the DELL 1815N makes it very easy on users who need to input a large quantity of material for printing, copying, and scanning. Its other paper storage numbers consist of 250 sheets for its input tray and a solid 150 sheets worth of space in the output tray. The maximum media capacity for the unit comes to a total of 550 sheets which are made possibly with an optional additional paper tray. The additional tray, on top of allowing for more storage space, makes it easy to switch back and forth between two media types without having to unload the current supply.

Memory is also expandable for this unit, though its 96 MBs standard is already fairly good. If needed, memory can be bumped up to a total of 192 MBs.


Unfortunately the DELL 1815N’s scanner seems to underperform for some reason. When scanning in color with this unit, the color is off and not as rich as one would like to see in a professional device. The actual resolution of the scanner is also only average at 600 x 1200 dots per inch optically and 4800 x 4800 interpolated with a color depth of 24 bits.

The device does not work well with Windows Vista systems, in fact it will not even scan at all when using Vista. Its lack of complete compatibility make its primary selling point its low price, which makes overall cost of use of this device comparatively low.

With a monthly duty cycle of only 25,000 impressions, when compared to many of Dell’s other multifunctional units that boast numbers like 80,000 impressions, the unit is of lower overall duty than one would expect in a device in this category. This simply means that the unit is best for those who do not have ultra heavy industrial level print demands and simply need something that offers low cost per page to share over a network.

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