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8 Products for the Brother MFC-4600 MultiFunction Center
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Brother MFC-4600 Drum Unit - 20,000 Pages (MFC4600 Drum)

Price:  $80.89
Product Description

Drum for Brother MFC-4600 All In One Machine/Printer - 20,000 Pages (MFC4600 Drum)

This Drum is good for printing 20000 pages, on average. Average page coverage is 5% of toner per page (compared to white space on the paper), which is the standard Brother specification for this drum, and a standard measuring term for the consumer printing industry.

This product comes with a 6 month Warranty against any defects (including free replacement). We stand behind our products 100%, as these are not manufactured by Brother.

What's the difference between a drum and a toner cartridge? A toner cartridge is just that: a cartridge that contains toner. The drum does all the work.

Product Manuals
When do I Replace a Drum Unit in the Brother MFC-4600 Multifunction Printer?
The drum unit installed in your Brother MFC-4600 Multifunction Printer is a consumable printer component, which must be replaced after a certain maximal number of prints. The good work condition of this consumable component is very important, in order to be maintained an optimal print quality. Because of these facts, the installed drum unit is constantly monitored by the precise built-in system of your MFC-4600, and you will be notified when an abnormality in its status is detected. Once the built-in system detects that the installed drum unit is at the end of its useful life, you will see the following warning message ''CHANGE DRUM SOON'' displayed on the control LCD. You should replace the installed drum unit soon after the initial appearance of this warning message. Otherwise the print quality will be gradually decreasing, and eventually a variety of print quality issues will appear, which will negatively affect your work. You should also replace the installed drum unit, if any of the following print quality problems is reappearing on the printed documents even if there is no indication from the monitoring system: background fogging, blurred images, blank copies, solid copies, white banding, or black banding.
How to Install a Drum Unit in the Brother MFC-4600 Multifunction Printer
You must start the drum replacement procedure by opening the top cover of your Brother MFC-4600 Multifunction Printer. After that, you must grab the exhausted drum unit by its sides, and then gently lift the exhausted consumable component up and remove it from the printer. Now, you must detach the still usable toner cartridge from the exhausted drum unit by turning its colored lock release lever counterclockwise until it clicks, and then pull the cartridge out of the drum unit. In the next step of the replacement procedure, you must unpack the new drum unit, shake it 6-7 times horizontally, and immediately after that, you must insert the toner cartridge into the new drum unit, but remember to match its mark with the mark of the slot. Once the toner cartridge is completely inserted, you must lock it into place by turning its colored lock release lever clockwise until it clicks, and then insert the new drum unit into the printer. Please note, that your Brother MFC-4600 Multifunction Printer will eject the starter sheet automatically. Finally, you must close the top cover, and then test your multifunction printer.
Brother MFC-4600 All In One DRUM and (2) TONER Combo

Price:  $110.91
Brother MFC-4600 Toner Cartridge - Prints 2200 Pages

Price:  $17.89
Brother MFC-4600 Toner Cartridge (OEM) made by Brother - 2200 Pages
Brother 1 IN STOCK NOW

Price:  $49.89
Brother MFC-4600 Fuser Assembly (OEM)

Price:  $299.89
Brother MFC-4600 ADF Pressure Roller (OEM)

Price:  $21.89
Brother MFC-4600 Document Feed Roller (OEM)

Price:  $14.89
Brother MFC-4600 ADF Roller Film (OEM)

Price:  $0.89

Brother MFC-4600 Review


The Brother Multi-Function Center (MFC) 4600 is a laser printer/copier/fax machine that was designed to handle a large portion of your small office needs. Not only does 4600 deliver high resolution laser printing and copying, it is loaded with useful, practical features such as Windows compatibility as well as a user-friendly One-touch dial, automatic redial, and automatic answering.


MFC-4600 prints at 6 ppm with a maximum resolution of 600 by 600 dpi on plain paper. With a 200-sheet loading capacity, this machine can can handle 20 lbs worth of paper without undue stress to its frame. MFC-4600 comes with 1MB memory convenient for storing print jobs for completion at a later date. An economy printing mode is available, as well, allowing the user to save up to 50% of the normal toner usage during print jobs. This of course, allows the consumer to get much more out of their toner cartidge than they might otherwise get on a different printing device.

Brother MFC-4600 features a 14400 bps fax modem and utilizes electrophotography via semiconductor laser beam technology during faxing operations. Fax quality is enhanced by MFC-4600’s 64 levels of Grey Scale, as well as Automatic/Super Light/Super Dark printing settings which allows for the reception and transmission of a wide variety of incoming faxes, whether they come in a little too dark or a little too light. MFC-4600 allows you to store 8 fax/phone numbers, which you can dial at your conveniece by simply pressing a single key. With this machine’s Fax Forwarding function your FAX/MFC stores the received fax in memory, dials the fax number you’ve programmed, and forwards the fax message. When you are sending a fax, the FAX/MFC will scan originals into memory before sending. As soon as the phone line is free, the FAX/MFC will begin dialing and sending the fax. If the machine’s memory becomes full, the FAX/MFC will send the document in real time.


With a print-out speed of 6 ppm, Brother MFC-4600 is quite slow in comparison with many of the more current multifunction devices. While this fact can be overlooked in some specific scenarios, a bustling small office with a heavy printing workload will likely experience a high degree of frustration at this device’s slow printing speed.

The Brother MFC-4600 can only print in black-and-white. Should the situation require even the slightest notion of color in any printed documents the consumer would be forced to buy/rent/utilize an entirely different copying machine. This seems like a bit of a downer, considering the wide variety of functions MFC-4600 has. Having to purchase a separate stand-alone color printer will, at the very least, take up extra office space and leave you wondering how you ultimately botched your mission to find and purchase a single do-it-all machine.

MFC-4600 is an older model laser-printer and shows its age. While this machine remains a very capable multifunction office center, the consumer may wish to go with a newer model device in order to have the peace of mind that parts and supplies for their investment will still be available for years to come.


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